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Luis Garcia at Concordia

Episode 45: Big 2015 Apologetics Upgrades with Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia explains details of the new edition of Silver Book, including 40% new lessons, a dozen new authors, and a higher standard on this apologetics training resource. Includes Stoa’s most recent changes, where 90% of the apologetics questions were rewritten, added or dropped! Luis Garcia on Silver Book Advancements for 2015 Download the MP3 In this […]

Will Martin (left) debates Peter Allevato (right) in a quarter-final round at nationals.

Episode 44: Lincoln-Douglas Resolutions for NCFCA and Stoa

Join Chris Jeub as he interviews the head writer for the 2015 releases of the Red Books, both NCFCA and Stoa Editions. Will Martin goes through the highlights of this yearly collaborative work. Interview with Will Martin, Head Writer for Red Book Download the MP3 NOTES: Red Book is Monument Publishing’s sourcebook for Lincoln-Douglas debaters competing in NCFCA […]

Monumentum Debate Tournament - 16

Episode 43: Team-Policy Cases for 2015 with Vance Trefethen

The purpose of our sourcebook material is to prepare you for your first tournament. Vance Trefethen explains the two team-policy debate resolutions and gives a rundown on the three “spotlight cases” he prepared for you and the Blue Book.  Team-Policy Cases for 2015 with Vance Trefethen Download the MP3 NOTES: Be sure to pick up the […]

Mark Russell, incoming president of Stoa. Picture by Frank Tang.

Episode 42: Stoa Leadership Interviews and Insights

In this episode, Chris Jeub interviews the president, a former board member, and a head coach from Colorado on the future of Stoa speech and debate league. Stoa Leadership Interviews and Insights Download the MP3 NOTES: Mark Russell, President First president outside the state of California. Stoa is in its sixth year with approximately 1300 […]

National Tournament

Episode 41: NCFCA Montage and Announcements

Chris Jeub returned from the NCFCA National Tournament at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul. He put together a montage of students as well as a commentary on the president’s announcements for league changes for the upcoming competitive year. NCFCA Student Montage and President’s Announcements Download the MP3 NOTES: Student montage: Stefanie Klaves: On […]

Caution and Craziness Part III: The Top 10 Crazy Things Everyone Should Do

Episode 40: Caution and Craziness with Andrew Pudewa Part 3

This is perhaps the BEST of all forty Training Minds Podcasts, the conclusion of a three-part series of “Caution and Craziness” by Andrew Pudewa. He has been focused on “caution” in the first two parts, but now he’s going to share the “craziness” of his life. Caution and Craziness – Part 3 of 3 Download […]

Blue Books 2015

Five Signature Features of Monument Publishing Sourcebooks

Blue Book is one of five sourcebooks (Blue, Red, Gold, Silver and Bronze), the longest-lasting collection of sourcebooks serving homeschool speakers and debaters since 1998. Heading into the 18th year of competitive excellence, here’s why you will want to continue to be a part of the action this year. Monument Publishing sourcebooks are signature resources helping students across the country best prepare […]

Andrew Pudewa in Wyoming

Episode 39: Caution and Craziness by Andrew Pudewa Part 2 of 3

A continuation from last week’s podcast where Andrew Pudewa of the Institute for Excellence in Writing shares his thoughts about aspiring to great things. Listen to Part I here. Caution and Craziness – Part 2 of 3 Download the MP3 NOTES: This recording is the second of three parts where Andrew Pudewa talks with high school graduates […]

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