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Don’t Forget the Coupon Code

I’m hunkered down with editors and writers this summer — some national champions from just a month or two ago — getting ready to release our Sourcebooks on August 1. The following coupon code will save you $10 per book… BulkPricing14 Expires when sourcebooks release August 1, 2014

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Bulk Pricing Coupon Code (ANY QTY!)

If you are a coach, you can save big on your club’s sourcebook material in both quantity and shipping. Our coupon code drops $10 from each sourcebook, and through August 1 (our release date) the quantity doesn’t matter. You’re reading that right: quantity doesn’t matter through August 1. Order for yourself or your whole club, this […]


Camp Workshop Series – 50% OFF

Happy 4th of July Weekend, folks. We hope you enjoy time remembering this great country of ours. We also hope you take advantage of our 50% off sale of all our Camp Workshop Series CDs and DVD sets. We’re launching this sale for two reasons. First, you may not be able to register for our camps […]

Training Minds Camps

Last Call for Camps

The following is republished from the president’s blog ChrisJeub.com. He highlights the two reasons why Training Minds Camps is worth the $300 check this summer. Registrations close today. Today’s the first day of July, which for summer training means Training Minds Camp registrations are closing. We have the absolute best programs for you, but you […]


Ten-buck Sale Continued

I increased the prices of my sourcebooks two weeks ago by $10 each, but I’ve decided to drop them back down to the original prices till July 1. Here’s why. Launching July 1 is an incredible download area that will split the sourcebooks up into digital files. We’re selling these smaller files for only $7 […]

Showcase of Champions 2014

Making Speech and Debate Simple

With two leagues and appoximately 5,000 participants annually, there has never been a better time to join home school speech and debate. However, many parents are hesitant to participate because of the overwhelming nature of competitive forensics. Chris Jeub describes how Monument Publishing’s sourcebooks ease the burden on parents, whether they are new to speech and […]


Watch the NITOC Award Ceremony

Hats off to Joshua Tjia for streaming breaks and the award ceremony. What an awesome PLUS to this year’s NITOC.  Quick story: My family (the Jeubs) were late to morning breaks on Friday. We streamed Craig Smith’s announcements in the van, aux’d into the speakers, and listened to breaks livestream. The excitement was awesome, especially when it […]


Stoa Coaches Academy

I don’t think we could have planned this better: Stoa Coaches Academy is in the same week as two of our camps…and they’re practically next door to each other! Consider coming to either the 1-day Texas Speech Intensive on July 21, or the larger Texas Speech & Debate Camp July 22-26, or both! Drop the kids at camp and you […]

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