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Travis Herche speaking to debaters in Texas.

Episode 001: Why Speech and Debate?

Welcome to Training Minds Ministry’s first podcast! The Training Minds Podcast is dedicated to “training minds for action” in academic speech and debate. We have the first in a 2-part series queued up for your enjoyment. I’m the host of the show, Chris Jeub, president of Training Minds Ministry. I will explain my four reasons for starting […]

"Coach Vance" Trefethen helps students at debate camp with the use of Blue Book.

How to Save At Least $100 for Your Club

As you’re getting ready for speech and debate, you are probably ordering your resources and supplies. You may not know, but orders of 10 or more sourcebooks receive $10 off each, a minimum savings of $100. But that is just one of the advantages. Consider: The discount knocks the total price 20%-50%, depending on the […]


Free Shipping Through the Summer

Enjoy the rest of your summer, speakers and debaters, but be sure to get in your order. If you do so by the end of the month, you’ll get free shipping. Get ready with the following essential resources for speech and debate… BLUE - Team-Policy Debate RED – Lincoln-Douglas Debate GOLD – Extemp SILVER – Apologetics […]

Texas Camp 2014

Texas Camp 2014

Our largest camp of the year took place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in July. We had 74 students from seven different states join us for speech and debate preparation. I’m sure we’ll see many of these folks at Nationals! Training Minds Camp, July 2014 Training Minds Camp gave me the opportunity to begin a familiarity […]

Get your Blue Disk.

40 Percent Off Blue Disk

This article is taken from an article on Chris Jeub’s blog www.chrisjeub.com.  Blue Books are out! A few hundred pre-orders were mailed last week, making for one of our busiest weeks of the year for our warehouse in Oklahoma. When you register your book, you’ll find a $10 coupon that you might certainly want to cash in.

2008 Virginia-3

Free Shipping thru August 31

Training Minds just finished our seventh camp of the year — our most ever — in Washington, DC. We prepared students for Stoa, NCFCA and NFL competitions, and boy-oh-boy, they’re ready. If you missed camp, I still have something special for you…


Thumb Thru Before You Buy

Sourcebooks can be spendy, and sometimes you wish you could thumb through the book. Well, you can! Allow me a few minutes to walk you through each of the books with a YouTube video. Coupled with the free sample, you should know exactly the value of each book. If you click on each of the sourcebook’s main […]

I'm gathering photos now and will post soon. So far, this is one of my favorites.

Sourcebooks Now Available

The following was posted on ChrisJeub.com, reprinted with permission. We’re gonna make it. All our sourcebooks will be available in August. I like to give the most perks as possible to customers who preorder, saving good money for their speech and debate preparation.

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