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Episode 8: Extemporaneous Interview with Gold Book Editors

Extemporaneous speaking is one of Stoa and NCFCA’s most popular individual events. Students are required to prepare evidence boxes (physical or electronic) for limited-preparation speeches at upcoming tournaments. Are you up for the challenge? Watch RJ Martin’s champion speech on YouTube. This podcast interviews the editors to Monument Publishing’s Gold Book, a yearly publication dedicated […]

Luis Garcia at Concordia

Episode 7: Apologetics Judge Expectations with Luis Garcia

Undefeated apologetics champion Luis Garcia shares Part II of his introductory workshop to his apologetics training sessions, “Apologetics Judge Expectations.” The following podcast was captured from the 2012 Training Minds Camp in Estes Park, Colorado. It is the second of two parts on the foundations of apologetics competition. Invite all your apologetics friends to give serious attention […]

Luis Garcia

Episode 6: Apologetics 10 Commandments

Apologetics is one of the most popularly participated speech event in Stoa and NCFCA. This week you’re hearing from the only Apologetics undefeated champion in the events’ history, Luis Garcia. Those who know Luis Garcia know one of the finest young men out there. He travels the country teaching apologetics classes to speech and debate clubs. […]

Matt Teaching

Episode 5: Values for Advanced Lincoln-Douglas Debaters

Last week we talked to novice debaters in value debate, and this week we’re turning to ADVANCED debaters on the same topic. This is perhaps the most important aspect of Lincoln-Douglas debate: Values. Matthew Erickson: Values for Advanced Lincoln-Douglas Debaters Download the Handout: Bagpipes Thistles and Spears 2014 Step 1: Know Thyself Your strengths are a combination […]


Episode 4: Values for Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debaters

In Episode 4 we will be hearing from Cheyenne Ossen on her presentation to novice Lincoln-Douglas debaters at the Colorado LD Debate Camp last summer: Values. All three leagues (NCFCA, Stoa and NFL) will benefit from a thorough study of what matters most in Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Values. Today Cheyenne Ossen unpacks what values are and how it […]

Coach Parks helping novice students through their first debate round at camp.

Episode 3: Unpacking the Team-Policy Resolutions

Welcome to Training Minds Ministry’s first podcast Episode 3! Today we’ll be unpacking the team-policy resolutions for both NCFCA and Stoa debate leagues. The audios are taken straight from this summer’s Training Minds debate camps. This week’s podcast is split into two sections, one for NCFCA and one for Stoa. There will be weeks where […]

Texas Camp 2014 - Travis

Episode 2: The Biggest Character Challenges of Competition

Welcome to Training Minds Ministry’s first podcast Episode 2! I have some important resources to explain and share with you, plus you’ll be listening to the second part of Travis Herche’s closing session to Lincoln-Douglas debaters at one of Training Minds Camps in July. Last week we covered four reasons for the podcast and the first […]

Travis Herche speaking to debaters in Texas.

Episode 1: Why Speech and Debate?

Welcome to Training Minds Ministry’s first podcast! The Training Minds Podcast is dedicated to “training minds for action” in academic speech and debate. We have the first in a 2-part series queued up for your enjoyment. I’m the host of the show, Chris Jeub, president of Training Minds Ministry. I will explain my four reasons for starting […]

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