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Camp Debate Round
Debating can be intimidating. We coach to help make it exhilarating!

“We train minds for action by helping students prepare for life through our camps, coaching and curriculum.”

Training Minds seeks to impact students in their developmental stages in order to best prepare them for action in the world. When students are of age (12 to 18 years old), we bring the best coaching help possible to them. We have three ways in which we do this.

Colorado Camp 2012

Our Camps

Academic leagues and organizations (e.g. Stoa, NCFCA, NSDA) release their debate resolutions and rules early in the year. Our coaches get to work training students for competitive action, primarily at our Training Minds Camp in Colorado. Coaches are then hired by regions, states, clubs and individuals to continue their training.

Want to hear how camp has impacted students in the past? In competition, they have faired extremely well. See our success page for our long record of achievements. But our ministry goes deeper than that: Training Minds impacts kids for life. Check out this particular testimony:

Camp taught me a very important lesson: it is one thing to have a brain, another thing entirely to use it and think. This, I observed, was one of the most important teaching philosophies in the classes. My coaches gave me a lot of information to know, but they also wanted me to use my head and think of applications of or justification for this information. But it didn’t stop after class. One of my coaches, also my roommate, would frequently ask my friends and me questions about our worldview. Though I thought it was just fun to debate, I eventually realized that she was doing this to teach us not only to know what we believe, but think about why we believe it! I am very happy with the preparation this has given me for this LD season, but I’m even happier with the preparation this has given me for life.

– Emily Rogers, Georgia

Your support helps make Training Minds Camps a success. Support, partner and underwrite our efforts.

Training Minds provides the opportunity to coach the young.

Our Coaching

Educators know that we have only a small window of opportunity to impact the mind of a young person. Training Minds brings in the best coaches in the world to coach students specific strategies to think, speak and persuade – in competitive forensics as well as in the world.

Our coaching extends beyond our camps in two ways. First, our coaches make themselves available to students throughout the year through online collaboration. Second, our year ends with one of our signature camps, the Nationals Intensive Training Camp (NITC), where we prep students for their final competition for the year. In fact, check out this testimony:

NITC is what lubricates and eliminates the rust. Not only does is it offer a time for practice and feedback from amazing coaches, NITC provides lectures on advanced strategies that prepare competitors to focus and take their upcoming rounds by the horns.

-Luis Garcia, California

Luis went on to carry the most impressive winning streak in the history of apologetics speaking: an undefeated 2010 season. He won every single tournament he attended and maintained the #1 position in the history of apologetics speaking. Luis is an incredible legend in the event.

The good work of Training Minds is this: we coach the kids throughout their competitive experience. Our coaches are former students and debate coaches with day jobs who all love to pour their time into the kids. The results speak to the time invested in personal coaching.

Your support is much like helping a missionary. Your donations free the time for the best coaches to give their time and effort to young people. In fact, we have underwriting options for you to sponsor specific coaches to help make sure they continue to connect with the future generations.

Coach Brooke Wade teaching in Florida.

Our Curriculum

We don’t “just” focus on debate. The breath of forensics is extremely broad. Speech events cover extemporaneous, impromptu, platform, literary and creative interpretation events. Even if we covered “just” debate, the types of debate are vast. Training the mind for action in the several activities is demanding, and there is something for everyone in this competition.

This was best summed up by a mom who – at first hesitant in having her daughter participate in speech and debate – followed up with this note to us:

I am embarassed to say that I discouraged my children from participating due to time. I treated this as “extra” curricular for the past two years. I should’ve planned it like many families do and have my children do it all. Speech & debate is one of the best things a child can experience!

– Jeniel Wade, Florida

If you are from the Southeast and into competition, you’ll recognize the Wade name. Jeniel’s daughter, Brooke, holds the record of winning two national extemp championships consecutively. Brooke currently heads up our extemp curriculum and has a great future ahead of her, much of whose foundation is rooted in Training Minds for Action.

How you can help

But let’s get serious: development of curriculum takes time and resources. We need help from supporters, sponsors and underwriters to make the larger system work. Your help is greatly appreciated.

We have a donation page that explains how you can…

  1. Support the ministry with a donation. Any size will help, and donating online is extremely easy and tax-deductible.
  2. Partner with Training Minds. Little compares to consistent monthly giving. It allows us to budget wisely and allocated fund where needed.
  3. Underwrite our major events. Every program would improve with the help of underwriting from individuals and organizations.

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