Isaac Harris

Isaac Harris hails from the great state of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest. At age 15, he joined the local debate club and has loved every moment since. Competing in the NCFCA and Stoa leagues for the past four years, Isaac has had competitive success in both speech and debate. In speech, Isaac has taken […]

Sara Nimori

Sara competed in speech for the last three years, with an emphasis each year on a platform. Her accomplishments include winning 1st place in Original Oratory at NITOC 2011, as well as winning 1st place in persuasive this year twice in two consecutive regional tournaments—both in her native state of California. Her greatest joys in […]

Isaiah McPeak

Isaiah McPeak is an entrepreneur, professional presenter, and debate coach of ten years and going. He strongly believes that form (skill) and content (wisdom) are inseparable when teaching debate, challenging students to learn patterns of thought for wisdom in life. If there is no “real life” corollary to anything Isaiah says, challenge him for it […]

Elena Trueba

At the age of 12, Elena Trueba joined speech and debate and had absolutely no idea what she was getting herself into. Over the next six years, she competed in all of the speech events Stoa and NCFCA had to offer (except Expository, which she was never quite brave enough to try), and also competed […]

Brandon West

Competitive forensics has been a hug part of Brandon’s life since middle school. In high school he competed in three years of NCFCA Lincoln-Douglas debate, as well as numerous speech events. Then when California pulled away from NCFCA and joined Stoa, he competed in that league for three years, one in Lincoln-Douglas debate and the […]

Rachel Moss

As a competitor, coach, and avid judge, Rachel Moss has been involved with homeschool speech and debate across the country for 8 years. She sees it as a wonderful microcosm to teach students invaluable life skills while having the time of their lives. While a student, she ranked nationally four out of five years, won […]

Brooke Wade

Extemporaneous, Persuasive, Lincoln-Douglas Debate  Brooke Wade competed with NCFCA and Stoa for the past three years, winning several national titles including 2011 Stoa National LD Speaker, 2011 NCFCA National Extemp Champion, and 2012 NCFCA National Extemp Champion. She also placed 5th in LD and 2nd LD Speaker at the 2012 NCFCA Nationals. This fall, Brooke […]

Cody Herche

Debate (both TP and LD), Extemp, Cross-examination Cody Herche is originally from California where he competed in forensics throughout high school. He has worked as a coach with Training Minds Ministry since 2006. Cody is a graduate of Cornell Law School and is currently practicing law in New York. Published Works Keys to Extemp (2008) […]

Matthew Mittelberg

Debate, Platforms From the moment he began debating, Matthew Mittelberg was hooked. Matthew competed in team-policy debate for three years in California in both NCFCA and Stoa. During that time he had a leadership role in the Apollos debate club in Orange County. In 2010 Matthew moved with his family to Colorado and continued his […]

Kaitlin Nelson

Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Team-Policy Debate Kaitlin participated in NCFCA for five years and Stoa in her final year of debate. She debated in Lincoln-Douglas for three years and explored Team-Policy in her senior year. Additionally, she has competed in nine out of the ten speech events. She took 7th place at the 2009 national tournament in […]

Mark Mittelberg (2010)

Best-selling Author & Apologist Mark Mittelberg teaching at Training Minds Ministry in 2010. Mark Mittelberg is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker. His newest book, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask, is one of the two main resources covered in this year’s Silver Book Curriculum. The book deals with the ten issues believers […]

Shane Baumgardner

Impromptu, Extemp, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Team-Policy Debate Shane Baumgardner competed for 4 years in the NCFCA and won numerous awards. He is the 2009 and 2010 National Champion in impromptu speaking, as well as being the 2009 National Champion in extemporaneous speaking. He also placed 6th in LD at the 2009 National Championships and 3rd in […]

Luis Garcia

Apologetics, Platforms, Impromptu, Lincoln-Douglas Debate Born and raised in Southern California, Luis Garcia pursued high school forensics as a founding member of the speech and debate club Set Apart. Luis has cherished every moment of seeing God’s Awesome Hand at work throughout his three years of competition. Specifically, he praises God for the passion God […]

Travis Herche

Interp, Debate, Author of Keys to Interp Travis Herche shares ten years of experience in speech and debate, including two entries in the NCFCA Hall of Fame. Travis was a Dramatic Interpretation national champion in 2006; in the following years he became the English-speaking world’s leading expert in high school interpretation. His book Keys to […]

Chris Jeub

President, Training Minds Ministry Coach Jeub is president of Training Minds Ministry and owner of Monument Publishing. He co-authors Blue Book every year with one of the leading voices of team-policy debate, Vance Trefethen. He works with coaches from across the country to bring the best products possible into the hands of young debaters. Mr. […]

Chap Bettis

Apologetics Chap entered into the NCFCA Apologetics field when he was asked by a homeschool co-op to prepare a group of students for competition. As a homeschool dad, he loved NCFCA. But competition combined with doctrine and apologetics? This must be heaven! Having taught a club for the past three years, he is even more […]

Joanna Griffith

Apologetics, Platforms, Debate Joanna spent three years competing in NCFCA winning over 50 awards in Team-Policy debate, Lincoln-Douglas debate, and numerous speech events. She competed in Apologetics at the national championship for three consecutive years, advancing to out rounds each year. Her awards include 1st place Sweepstakes at the 2008 Colorado and Texas National Opens, […]

Larry Sparks

Extemp, Team-Policy Debate, Club Coaching Larry debated in National Forensic League debate while in high school from 1982-1984. In college he continued to build debate, research and communication skills at Bethany College in Scotts Valley, CA. At Bethany, he met and married his wife, Kristina, in 1987. Larry has spent his career in Sales and […]