2006 Debate Camp Testimonials

These are from camp attendees, some of whom are qualified to 2007 Nationals, and some of whom who won:

First Placing Debater and SpeakerDebate Camp is the real deal. Not only are the atmosphere and people amazing, but the instructors are the best in the nation. I am confident in saying that without Training Minds Ministry’s Debate Camp, my success would not have been possible. Whether you are a new student just starting out, or a more experienced debater as I was when I attended, your skills and confidence will be increased more than you can imagine after attending camp.

Andrew Roblyer, Texas
2007 NCFCA National LD Speaking Champion

I have found all three Blue Books and Blue Book Camp to be invaluable tools this year. We are trying very hard to apply all of the things I learned at camp to our style this year. Blue Book Camp is an awesome way to either learn debate, or to sharpen the skills you already possess. I am quickly finding that the skills and techniques found in these books and camps retain the same degree of  relevance at the end of debate season as they had at the beginning…Plus the camps are a time of great fellowship as well!

Jeff Craig, Texas
2007 National Qualifier

Debate the CoachesI am certain, without any doubt, that my partner and I wouldn’t have done nearly as well as we did without the foundation of the resolution that was laid down by Blue Book Camp.  What we learned was extremely valuable!  We left not with lots of ideas and evidence (although we got a lot of that too) but with a general as well as a specific history of the topic.  Many judges and parents have come up to me and said that they were amazed how much knowledge i have on the topic and how it must have taken a long time to acquire.  I smile back and say it took less then a week at Blue Book Camp and i didn’t have to do any work other then just listen.  I have already signed up for this years camp and look forward to getting a head start above my competition.

Nicolas Townes, California
2007, 2008 National Qualifier

Last fall (2006) my mom started a new debate club. None of us had any debate experience at all. Fortunately, three of us–my brother, my debate partner, and I–attended Debate Camp in South Carolina. There we learned all that we needed to know in five days. We later got comments on how well we were doing for first year debaters. I can honestly say that it was only by the grace of God and those five days at Debate Camp that we didn’t crash and burn our first year.

Montana Krueger, Ohio
First Year Debater

Going to Blue Book camp last year was the single best thing I have done for my debate career. Months earlier I was getting discouraged with debate, but Blue Book Camp totally changed that! The excellent coaching staff and well-prepared lectures opened doors for me I didn’t even know existed. My partner and I took tenth place at the Rocky Mountain Classic tournament a few weeks ago, and can honestly say that I would not placed at all if it weren’t for BB Camp. A big thank you to Training Minds Ministry for making camp possible.

Sarah Bryce, Utah

Last summer I went to debate camp with my son and a friends daughter; we knew nothing about debate. My son qualified for regionals, something I thought wouldn’t happen as we took in the scope of skills being taught and displayed by the other students. We are so excited about what we learned and the value of it that we’re having a camp in our area this summer! We think going to camp sets a person on a track to grasp what it’s all about and to succeed. It’s well worth doing!

Carla Deems, Oregon
Mom of 2007 Regional Qualifier

Carolina DebatersWhen my mom told me about Training Minds Debate Camp, I was skeptical of it but I went to it, wondering what it would be like. By the end of the camp, I had a much more thorough understanding of debate. After that camp, my partner and I were much more successful due to the knowledge taught to us by the debate coaches at the camp. If you are a first year debater, this camp will give you a huge boost above the other novices in your region. Even if you are not a novice, this debate camp is still enormously helpful. I am hoping to go back next year in 2007.

Tyler Weisman, Virginia
First Year Debater

I started debate in Fall ’05, and I hated it. We went over debate theory like crazy, but I never understood how to use any of it in a debate round. Camp for me was where everything fell together. It all finally made sense, and debating became fun. Most important of all, I became ‘addicted’ to debate, and I’ve never stopped since. Not only that, but my coach learned a TON there as well. If it wasn’t for what the three debaters and our coach learned at camp, we would not have a club in Utah at all. My partner and I recently took 3rd place at the RMC, and it was only because of Blue Book camp, and the instruction that we received there.

Ruth B., Utah
Regional Qualifier

When I heard about the Blue Book Camp and my mom said we were going I was not too excited. I did not really enjoy debate. After camp though that changed the way I thought about debate.  I knew how to Cross-X better, how to analyze evidence, and a better understanding of the topic.

Mitchell Gebel, South Carolina