2007 Debate Camp Testimonials

DebatersThis was my first year debating and my second year at Blue Book Debate Camp. My experience there was amazing! Not only was it neat to fellowship with other debaters but it was a tremendous jump-start to the season. It was such a blessing to have such experienced coaches, who have competed before, at my fingertips. I know that as long as I live I’ll never forget camp and Coach Jeub, Coach Parks, and Coach Vance, will never know the impact they’ve made in my debate life.

Miriam Townes, California
National Qualifier 2008

Update: Miriam’s sister, Esther, who also attended Camp, teams up with her brother, Nicolas, to qualify to Nationals at the California National Qualifier in January. The tournament was the largest in NCFCA history (117 teams), and the Townes brother/sister team was in the top four.

We just finished up our regional tournament (we’re in Region 5)… and my sister and I took second place out of 37 teams! We had a 6-0 record in the prelims, and I won first place in TP speaks. What a tournament!!! I just wanted to thank you for your help — both via email and at debate camp. I don’t think we would have done nearly so well otherwise – especially without the camp experience! The background information on the resolution was invaluable; and the coaching and practice debates provided great learning experiences.

Brianna Landon
National Qualifier 2008

This year was my first time to attend Blue Book camp in Texas, and what an experience it was! My attendance helped me in several ways. First of all, it completely immersed me into the topic for the year. I learned so much about the ins and outs of our immigration policy, and got some really good information that made things clearer and easier to understand. Also, the practice rounds were very helpful, especially being able to watch the flowsheet and see how my arguments were coming across to a judge–plus being reminded when I failed to signpost or follow the flow in an organized way. My flowing skills got much better over the course of camp as well, which is always great! Thank you for a great camp experience!

Toni Maisano, Texas

I really think that debate camp helped me prepare for this year’s competitive season. As a second year debater, I appreciated the more advanced sessions (you definitely don’t have to be a novice to benefit from the camp!) and a chance to watch skilled debaters face each other in rounds. I think I’ll do better this year having had a chance to attend debate camp!

Catherine Jones, Washington

I can’t imagine not going to debate camp. Debate is like learning a new language. It takes time for everything to finally make sense. Because I went to debate camp, I understood the basics of debate by the end of the week. If I hadn’t gone, it might have taken me a whole semester to figure things out! Thank you so much for helping me understand debate. Since I understand it, I can now begin to enjoy it. At debate camp I got the opportunity to watch several debates. I learned so many things from observing other people debating. I was especially grateful for the chance to debate in an encouraging environment. My first debate was a positive experience, and I can’t describe how glad I am that my first official debate didn’t happen at a tournament! I would highly recommend debate camp for anybody interested in debate, especially novices (first-year debaters).

Andrea, California Debate Camp

National Ranking Competitors here at TMM Debate CampI first attended Training Minds’ debate camp in 2006 during the NATO resolution. When I arrived I knew next to nothing about NATO and was hardly ready to debate the topic effectively or intelligently. By the end…I was not only ready to debate the issues, I was critiqued by some of the most experienced debate coaches in the NCFCA. My partner and I ended up taking third at Regionals and going to Nationals, largely because of the headstart on the topic given to us by Training Minds Debate Camp. This year, my partner and I readily jumped on the opportunity to attend debate camp again. The coaching is superb, the information invaluable, and the learning environment unbeatable. Thank you Training Minds Ministry!

Josh Craddock, Colorado
Regional Qualifier 2007 & 2008

Update: Josh and his debater partner, Jenny (also a debate camper), qualified to Regionals the first chance they got, making it to the final round in Salt Lake City. Josh and Jenny are off to Regionals for a chance to qualify to Nationals!

Blue Book camp was amazing! Being a Novice this year I had know idea what I was doing, but thanks to coaches Vance, Rob, and Jeub I am so excited for this season. They taught me so much, and I don’t feel totally stumped. This year is going to be amazing thanks to them.

Kerri Allio, California

Debate Camp was a great teaching time for me. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in on the classes with Rob Parks and Vance Trefethen. The biggest highlight was talking to parents in different regions and hearing how they accomplish the job of developing and guiding their debaters. It was terrific fun getting to debate myself. Rob Parks how to be a good judge class was very good.

Mary Gunther, Maryland
Debate Coach and Mom