NITC in San Diego

Nationals Intensive Training Camp

San Diego, California

Last year was my first NITOC. I was so nervous and didn’t know what to expect. NITC was great! The coaches were encouraging and also challenged me to go above and beyond. I also found the NITC society very helpful. It was wonderful to go into a round against someone I had never debated and still feel confident.

—Morgan Levy, Colorado

As a veteran speech and debater, I was doubtful as to how useful NITC would be. Both times I have gone, I have been astounded. It really does do THAT much for you. The confidence going into round one of nats and the tips from top coaches is totally worth the investment!

—Jared Rixstine, Illinois

NITC. Awesome. Recommended for all debaters.

—Joshua Tey, California

I am so glad that I decided to participate in Training Minds Ministry’s pre-nationals camp, NITC! Last year was my first national competition experience, and frankly, I was a little overwhelmed going into it! But NITC helped me feel much less overwhelmed and better prepared for NITOC. I was able to use the Team-Policy NITC Society research on cases that I had never heard of in my area and the NITC camp in San Diego definitely reduced my pre-tournament jitters. I would encourage all debaters competing at nationals to participate in NITC.

—Melissa Lueken, Illinois

The difficult circumstance every competitor faces in approaching Nationals is that they usually come in a little rusty, not having competed for a month or so. NITC is what lubricates and eliminates the rust. Not only does is it offer a time for practice and feedback from amazing coaches, NITC provides lectures on advanced strategies that prepare competitors to focus and take their upcoming rounds by the horns.

—Luis Garcia, California
Apologetics Title Winner

I went into NITOC this year without any national level experience whatsoever. NITC helped me to prepare both mentally and research-wise to the point that I took second place speaker at NCFCA Nationals. I’d say it’s worth it.

—Mark Edmonson, Utah