Blue Book Camp (Team Policy) 2008

Debate Camp 2008

Blue Book Camp (Team-Policy)

Camp was an amazing experience I would not trade for the world. I attended last year, and came expecting it to be the same, but I was very much surprised! It was so much better from last year, and so much fun! I hope to attend next year as well! I learned so much and would strongly recommend it to anyone who is considering going. I have learned more in a week, then I have in a year. Camp is fun, exciting, a wonderful learning experience and so much more. Thank you Training Minds for all the hard work that went into Camp. It was a week I wouldn’t give up for anything.

Danielle Namour, Florida

Thank you for an awesome Debate Camp! Your camp DVDs were a big reason why I qualified for Regionals my first year. Camp covered much, much more than shown in the DVDs, and I feel like I’ve gotten a big jump-start on this year’s season. It was great meeting debaters from around the county. I’m planning on returning next summer, hopefully with other members of my club!

Nathan Carlson, Florida

This was my third year at BlueBook Camp and it was the best by far. The coaches were always available for any questions I had and the sessions were very informative.

Miriam Townes, California

Attending Training Minds debate camp enabled my brother and me to make it to the regional tournament. This summer is the third time I have been to camp, and each time I have learned new skills and had a great time. If you want to go far, go to the Training Minds debate camp.

Montana Krueger, Ohio

I thought I knew a lot about debate, but when I went to the Blue Book camp I found that there was a lot that I did not know. But not only did I find out new things, they reinforced all the things I had learned, and told me why they were important.

Cordell Asbenson, California

Blue Book Camp was a really awesome experience. All of the lectures given were helpful and they were all on a wide scale of topics. All of the coaches were helpful and tryed to answer all your questions and help you out as much as posible. And of course the final show down was a lot of fun to watch and educational at the same time. If you really want to understand stock issues, gathering evidence, and all the other parts of debate that have you asking questions, Blue Book Camp is the way to go! I loved camp and I think that you will too!

Mary Kate Crockett, Texas

As a parent of a new debater and a former debater, I can only say that I wish I had gone to camp with the latter as I had with the former. Camp was outstanding! I highly recommend this for both students and parents. 

David Kumbera, Colorado

Coach Jeub is awesome, very helpful and nice. He was helpful with putting my speach together and looking for arguments within the flow when it came to my first debate. The worship and debate church on Sunday was great. It was great to worship Him with my fellow debaters. The individual sessions were also very helpful.

Alexis Lawrence, Californi