California Lincoln-Douglas Camp 2012

Announcement of Cancellation

April 21, 2012

The LD coaches and I had to make a difficult decision this week, but I believe it is better for you in the end: we are canceling our August 2-3 California Lincoln-Douglas Camp. Unfortunately, after we had our camp set and registration open, two other California camps scheduled on the exact same weekend to host their events. After honest attempts to reconfigure dates, we came to no other option but to cancel our visit to California. We are very sorry for this and apologize for the inconvenience.

But we want to make this right. If you are from California and had high hopes for the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Camp in Laguna Hills, we want to offer you a $100 allowance to travel out to Colorado for our larger Training Minds Camp. No kidding. The camp is July 24-29 in Lakewood at the beautiful Colorado Christian University (CCU) campus.

There are other reasons to come to Colorado:

  • ALL speech events will be taught.
  • ALL lunch and dinners are provided in the cost (it wasn’t included in California).
  • ALL our 2012 coaches are attending (this is our largest program of the year).
  • Keynote speaker Jeff Myers will join us (we had no keynote in California).
  • Two extra days of training (total of 5).
  • Networking with students from across the country.
  • Room and board — apartment lodging on campus — is only $99 extra for the entire stay.

We failed to pull it together in California, and we’re really sorry for that. But I hope this makes up for it. The total cost for Colorado is $399, and with your $100 travel allowance, this is a screaming good deal. Actually, it’s not too far from the cost of the California 3-day LD-only camp.

Contact us to inquire. The ministry is able to afford only 20 slots for this special offer to Californians, and will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. I expect these slots will fill up soon. I hope this is an awesome opportunity for your preparation for 2012-2013!

-Chris Jeub, President

We’re returning to Laguna Hills, California, for three days of direct training from some of the best LD coaches in the nation. For fun, click on the picture above. Notice several of the competitors and their success over the past two years. This is validation for us and confidence for you: Training Minds Camp produces results! Here are the details:

  • Camp: California Lincoln-Douglas Camp
  • Dates: August 2-4, 2012
  • 3 days Lincoln-Douglas Debate

What You’ll Learn

Students are coached through debate rounds.

This is an awesome camp. Coaches will train specifically toward the new Stoa resolution, coupled with the newly released Red Book by Monument Publishing. Other leagues are welcome to attend this camp, but students will be using the Stoa resolution for all practice rounds. We’re training you for competitive action! Topic sessions include:

  • Stoa Topic Discussion
  • The Truth about Values
  • How to Run and Refute Unique Cases
  • How to Give a Winning NC
  • Debating Like a Champion
  • Evidence: Proving your case in Value Debate
  • Competing Like a Champion
  • Resolutionism
  • And more!

Probably the best thing about the California LD Camp is the individually coached rounds. Notice the picture included. Coach Jeub is specifically coaching a student through a round as they watch his flow on the whiteboard. This is a signature practice of our camp (no other camp does it this way), a practice we’ve been doing since 2005. It trains the debaters and the observers exactly how to win.

There are more reasons why this LD camp produces so many award winners. This camp’s bottom line is the same as all Training Minds Camps: If you are serious about your upcoming competitive success, Training Minds Camp is the place you’ll want to be in August.

Where You’ll Be

Beautiful facilities geared for your training.

Christ Community Church of Laguna Hills, a most beautiful place to be in August. The following links open new windows of information to help you make plans:

  • Church Website: Church directions and floorplan here.
  • Church Address: 25382 MacKenzie Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (Google Map)
  • The church is 18 minutes away from John Wayne Airport (Google Map with directions).
  • Search hotel lodging nearby: Google Map with links. Training Minds Ministry is currently working on blocking rooms for this event and will post here when information is made available.

A church is a great place for “training the mind for action.” Conference area with breakout rooms for debates will help make sure students get the best training possible.

As with all our camps: Our goal is to make your stay as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Your Coaches

We hire the best coaches. All our coaches have helped train national champions, and many are title winners themselves. As students register, we open our coaching pool for a coach-to-student ratio of 10:1. To kick this event off, the following coaches have committed to California LD Camp:

  • Travis Herche
  • Chase Harrington
  • Luis Garcia
  • Chris Jeub
  • More coaches will post later!

There are many more advantages to a Training Minds Camp coach. As with all our camps, TMM alumni enjoy the following:

  • Exclusive partnership with Monument Publishing, publisher of the best-selling curriculum for debate.
  • Several of the coaches are authors of the curriculum, ready and willing to teach you the skills of debate.
  • Bring your hometown coach with you, and they’ll get trained too! We hope entire clubs with their coaches come for a week of club development through Training Minds.
  • We don’t just lecture; we engage the students. We merge debate rounds and extemp/apologetics practice into the week for students to be coached on the spot.
  • Our coaches remain advocates for your success throughout the year, willing to help as help may be given. We believe in you!

As you can see, Training Minds campers are personally coached for success.

Training for Action

We train for action (1 Peter 1:13). Though the program is easy to love, it is purpose-driven and aggressive. We are training you to excel in competition because we know that your excellence ultimately makes you trainers of the world. We’ve got high hopes for you!

The record of Training Minds Ministry speaks for itself. You can almost count on it: Our campers end up in tournament out-rounds. (Keep up to date with our Success Page.) We’ve hosted students from all over the country, and year after year they return home to shake up their tournaments and intensify the competition. We are quite proud of our alumni!

But we don’t stop with the awards. Training Minds Ministry is out to make you better people. We strive to instill in every competitor a sense of purpose. The competitive environment is training grounds for participation in a larger story. To us, this is most exciting, and we’re in this for your long-term success.

Cost: $289

Here’s a breakdown of costs…

  • Camp Tuition: $289
    Includes tuition and one of the meals during camp.
    Early-bird incentive: Registration goes up $50 after May 31.
  • Red Book: $25
    All students are required to purchase a Red Book. Either have your book at camp, or you may purchase it when you buy your ticket.

Seeing Is Believing

We hope to see you in Laguna Hills this summer. If you are having any doubts, allow these fantastic pictures from our 2010 experience persuade you that California LD Camp is the place to be in August.