California Lincoln-Douglas Camp

A couple dozen LD debaters made for a cozy and effective debate camp in Laguna Hills, Calif.

California Debate Camp 2010

LD camp was both informative and encouraging. It was an overall good experience! I am glad we made the effort to attend.

– Ann Bartholow, California

Training Minds gave me one of my first debate camp experiences, and every time I come to an event of theirs, I am blown away by the quality of the program and how much I come away having learned! I would highly recommend it to any serious competitor and look forward to attending again in the near future!

– Lauren Blankenship, California

I am so glad we came to the Training Minds LD Debate Camp. The coaches were knowledgeable and helpful. They had obviously spent a considerable amount of time with the new resolution and clearly communicated its intricacies and techniques for dealing with it in the coming debate year. Every session contained many jewels to take home with me. Overall, the camp was a treasure of information and strategies.

– Lori Willis, California

TMM’s Debate camp is the best source of intensive, concentrated debate theory I have experienced. It always opens up new ideas, refreshes my outlook on debate and takes the resolution to a whole new level of depth.

– Patrick Ortiz, California

Redbook Camp was a great jump start to understanding this year’s debate resolution. The discussions, feedback, and extra practice left me feeling much more confident about the upcoming season.

– Tommy Gehrig, California