Young people and coaches who go through our program always have positive things to say. After each event, we gather the testimonials and list them here. Click through the years of camps to see what debaters have said about how great the training atmosphere of Training Minds is!

NITC – San Diego (Stoa)

“Attending NITC was a great experience in my nationals preparation. The coaches were encouraging and very helpful, with lots of advice and feedback. Working, prepping, (and debating!) with friends was a highlight of NITC. This was a wonderful help to me, and I would recommend it!” –Elena Trueba, California

Colorado Conference 2009

“When I came to the debate conference, I believed that with a few years of experience under my belt, I wouldn’t have much to learn. But I was in for a surprise! Every lecture was full of valuable information that will aid me in becoming a better debator. Thanks Training Minds!” –Ashley Vaughan, Colorado

2009 Camps: Florida, New England, California.

“I would highly recommend this camp to any new LD student. It was encouraging! Thank you!” –Jimmy Stanger, Florida

NITC-2009 Greenville, S.C.

“Being at NITC in the days prior to the National Championship gave me the preparation and that last edge needed to be a national contender. Thank you so much for this experience!” –Landon Webber, Louisiana

Blue Book Camp (Team Policy) 2008

“Attending Training Minds debate camp enabled my brother and me to make it to the regional tournament. This summer is the third time I have been to camp, and each time I have learned new skills and had a great time. If you want to go far, go to the Training Minds debate camp.” –Montana Krueger, Ohio

Red Book Camp (Lincoln Douglas) 2008

“Red Book camp was an amazing experience! I learned so much that I know will help me during the debate season. Mrs. Anderson and Coach Cody are great coaches and I enjoyed listening to their helpful lectures. I was very grateful I had the opportunity to attend Red Book camp because all of the knowledge that I gained will help me throughout the year as well as in my everyday life. Plus, I made great friends! I will definately be coming back next year!” –Ashlyn Olson, California

Gold Book Camp (Extemp) 2008

“I just wanted to thank you so much for everything that you did to make extemp and debate camp happen this year. I had an absolute blast at extemp camp and I hope that you are going to continue to have those every year. The entire experience of debate camp just seems to get better and better each time I come and I look forward to having many more great experiences there over the next couple of years. Again I just want to thank for all the time and effort that you have put in to making all of this come together.” –Shane Baumgardner, Colorado

2007 Debate Camp Testimonials

“This year was my first time to attend Blue Book camp in Texas, and what an experience it was! My attendance helped me in several ways. First of all, it completely immersed me into the topic for the year. I learned so much about the ins and outs of our immigration policy, and got some really good information that made things clearer and easier to understand. Also, the practice rounds were very helpful, especially being able to watch the flowsheet and see how my arguments were coming across to a judge–plus being reminded when I failed to signpost or follow the flow in an organized way. My flowing skills got much better over the course of camp as well, which is always great! Thank you for a great camp experience!” –Toni Maisano, Texas

2006 Debate Camp Testimonials

“Last summer I went to debate camp with my son and a friends daughter; we knew nothing about debate. My son qualified for regionals, something I thought wouldn’t happen as we took in the scope of skills being taught and displayed by the other students. We are so excited about what we learned and the value of it that we’re having a camp in our area this summer! We think going to camp sets a person on a track to grasp what it’s all about and to succeed. It’s well worth doing!” –Carla Deems, Oregon

Debate Camp 2005 Testimonials

“Debate Camp is an extraordinary opportunity. When do you ever have your students completely engaged in debate theory, the topic and surrounded by experienced coaches for five days? As a Coach I highly recommend Training Minds Debate Camp.” –Maggie Carabellos, Colorado