Chris Jeub

President, Training Minds Ministry

Coach Jeub is president of Training Minds Ministry and owner of Monument Publishing. He co-authors Blue Book every year with one of the leading voices of team-policy debate, Vance Trefethen. He works with coaches from across the country to bring the best products possible into the hands of young debaters. Mr. Jeub has taught debate at camps, local clubs, and to his own family since 1995.

Mr. Jeub resides in Monument, Colorado, with his wife and 14 of his children, four of whom are “debate age” this year. You’ll likely see Mr. Jeub at tournaments, most certainly at nationals cheering on his own children, his club’s students, his campers, and all the debaters in the nation who work through his training materials.

Published Works

Session Titles

Chris speaks on entrepreneurship, parenting, team-policy debate, and the value of academic forensics in your curriculum.

  • The Sport of Debate
    Educational models are numerous, all attempting to achieve a number of goals. But one activity wraps up all the goals neatly: debate. Chris Jeub lays out how competitive forensics (debate and speech) is the dominant model for educators.
  • Crash Course through Team-Policy Debate
    Debate coach and author of bestselling debate materials Chris Jeub gives a quick rundown of what is involved in team-policy debate. On a whiteboard, Jeub flows the speaker responsibilities from speech to speech, showing students exactly what is expected of them in the debate round.
  • Love in the House (with Wendy Jeub)
    Jesus said the Greatest Commandment is to love one another. Why, then, are many of our households void of love? Chris & Wendy Jeub tackle parenting and spousal relationships and how to bring love back to the central place in the home.

Chronological Resume

  • 1993 BS degree in English from St. Cloud State University, Magna Cum Laude. Employed as English teacher through 2000 in North Dakota and Minnesota.
  • 1995 published “Why Parents Choose Home School” for English Journal.
  • 1998 published the first Blue Book for HSLDA team-policy debaters.
  • 2000 moved to Colorado and received teacher’s certification in Colorado. Served as Sr. Online Editor for Focus on the Family till May 2004.
  • 2001 incorporated Training Minds Ministry as a Colorado nonprofit.
  • 2003 published 1st edition to flagship product Jeub’s Guide to Speech & Debate, currently in its 3rd edition. Wrote and published the first Red Book for Lincoln-Douglas debaters.
  • 2004 MBA degree from Regis University, Summa Cum Laude.
  • 2005 registered Training Minds Ministry as a 501(c)(3) as founding president.
  • 2005 opened Monument Publishing as a LLC for-profit publishing company.
  • 2005 started hosting debate camps across the country for homeschool students.
  • 2007 was featured with family of 17 on The Learning Channel.
  • 2008 published family-based book Love in the House with wife, Wendy.
  • 2008 published Gold Book for extemporaneous speakers, authored by Hall of Fame champion and Training Minds coach Cody Herche.
  • 2009 was featured with wife, Wendy, for the CBS subsidiary WE Channel.
  • 2009 was featured on international Reuters photo journalist story.
  • 2009 published Silver Book for apologetics speakers, authored by Chap Bettis.
  • 2010 published Emerald Book for interpretive speakers and Platinum Book for platform speakers, broadening Monument Publishing to all speech and debate events.
  • 2010 started local club Monumentum in Monument, Colorado.
  • 2011 served as Vice President on the Stoa Board of Directors.
  • 2012 ran the National Invitational Tournament of Champions, the largest homeschool speech and debate tournament in history.



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