Colorado Camp 2010

Most of our coaching staff flew out to beautiful Colorado for up to two weeks of training events.

The Training Minds Ministry camp was one of the best speech and debate experiences I have ever had. The coaching and informative sessions were extremely helpful in improving my skills in both speech and debate, and combined with Miss Maggie’s gourmet meals, this conference was worth every penny.

– Zach Webb, Colorado

If you are interested in team policy debate, I would consider it suicide not to attend camp.

– Kasey Leander, Colorado

Camp was great! I learned loads of history about Russia that will influence my debate. Plus, I made lots of new friends!

– Lauren Edmonson, Utah

Research camp was extremely helpful mostly in that it gave me as a debater a deep understanding of the Russia topic as well as many good sources of evidence for the topic well before the year began. Because of this information, all successive research throughout the year will be much more productive. Additionally, this year research camp covered many strategies on how to develop and deploy generic briefs. This gives all of the debaters from research camp a definite leg up for competition.

– Mark Edmonson, Utah

I learned a lot! I loved it! I hope to come back next year!

-Grace Bryce, Utah

I learned so much during camp. I came in thinking a certain ways, and my perspective completely changed over the course of camp. I did things I didn’t know I was capable of and things that I knew I loved. Camp created certain views, and inforced others. I loved it!

-Morgan Levy, Colorado

The Training Minds Debate Camp was great! I learned so much about how to improve my debate skills and feel prepared for the next tournament.

– Ben Landis, Minnesota

I had convinced my school to pay for this and had told them that it would help me have the knowledge for research to pass on to my students who could use it not just for debate but for life. That is just what I did get. I’m pleased that the money was well spent.

– Jeannette Walker, New Hampshire

The two weeks of camp were an exciting blessing! The complete immersion in speech and debate was a very fun and helpful learning experience. I intend to continue returning to camp until I graduate.

– Margot Brose, Wyoming

This is most likely the most fun you’ll ever have learning new stuff that would be almost totally boring otherwise. Great opportunity to meet new friends and be introduced to debate in a fun and friendly environment.

– Bradford Keaty, Idaho

Every beginning debater needs to go to this camp.

– Alexander Hayes, Oregon

The conference was an incredible learning experience. In my three previous years of debate, I’ve never learned so much or been so prepared before club even started! The coaches gave relevant, information-packed lectures that will help me in my future debates. Even as an advanced student, I gained a lot of valuable tips. It was also great to meet so many dedicated debaters! I loved it and strongly recommend it to any one who would like to become a better debater and learn from some of the best coaches in the nation.

– Hannah Andrews, Minnesota

Training Minds Ministry Camp has effectively equipped me to transition from Team Policy into Lincoln Douglas debate. If you’re considering switching from one type of debate to another, Training Minds can help you learn the differences between them, and excel in your new form. I now feel confident in my ability to understand and put in to practice what was taught by their excellent teachers, and I am excited to do my best to succeed in this new season.

– Matthew Mittelberg, Colorado

The coaches at camp were truly amazing. Not only were they incredibly knowledgeable, but you could tell that they really love teaching – especially the younger coaches! We’ll be back!

– Teresa Johnson, South Dakota