Colorado Conference 2009

2009 Conference

Colorado Conference 2009

Colorado Conference
This was our first year to host a “conference,” much like a camp yet packed full of educational material. All Training Minds Ministry’s coaches flew to Colorado in August for two weeks of incredible teaching material. The Colorado Conference consisted of one week of Research Camp for team-debaters, three days of either extemp or apologetics training, three days of debate training, and and round-robin debate scrimmage.

When I came to the debate conference, I believed that with a few years of experience under my belt, I wouldn’t have much to learn. But I was in for a surprise! Every lecture was full of valuable information that will aid me in becoming a better debator. Thanks Training Minds Ministry!

Ashley Vaughan
Aurora, CO

We had a great time and learned a lot too! Definitely something we are glad we did!

Daniel Elkins
Bellevue, NE

I would 100% recommend this conference to anyone looking at starting debate. The coaches were extreamly helpful and took the time to answer my questions. I went down to learn some details about debate and coaching students. I came home feeling prepared and excited about teaching debate. Thank you Trainging Minds Ministry for putting together this conference. I am planning on coming back in the future with students.

Aaron Ackland
Maple Grove, MN

This conference was beyond awesome. I met so many great people and learned so much from the coaches.

Wesley Freeland
Jefferson City, MO
Debating the Round Robin
Conference ended with a 6-round practice tournament where attendees directly applied what they learned.

The conference was well worth the travel from Illinois. Actually, it cost less than the conference in our own state! The difference was that the instructors invested themselves 100% in both the kids and the parents attending. They really made the effort to get to know each student and parent individually. Thank you!

Jennifer Bateman
Hanna City, IL

Training Minds Conference 2009

Conference ended with a 6-round practice tournament where attendees directly applied what they learned

This was such an amazing learning experience! All my debating needs were well met!

Margot Brose
Evanston, WY

Camp was a great experience!! The coaches, the teaching, the staff, the food, the old and new friends (and the Frisbee :), all came together for one action-packed phenomenal week. The coaching was not only fabulous, but had immediate results. At the Round robin at the end of week, I ended up taking 2nd Place LDer and 2nd Place LD speaker. I believe that the coaches and the coaching directly affected my performance, where I could have done well without it, but with it, it made me so much better. I feel not only prepared to discuss, talk, and debate the topic, but I feel ready and able to succeed. Thank you Training Minds!

Jacob Phillip
Spring, TX

Wow, this was an amazing experience. I learned so much about the resolution, apologetics, and research through the two weeks. I especially liked how the coaches were always there if you had a question that needed answering. The atmosphere was great and I hope to attend next year.

Billy Klein
Fairchild AFB, WA