Colorado Debate Camp 2017

This event has been closed.

Join us at the Ponderosa Camp & Conference Center in Larkspur, Colorado, where and debaters will meet for an awesome four days of forensics training. Here are the details:

  • Camp: Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Debate Camp, our complete program and coaching team.
  • Dates: July 12-15, 2017. Located at the Ponderosa Camp & Conference Center, Larkspur, Colorado.
  • Leagues: All students participating in Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Value debate will be well-served at Training Minds Debate Camp. However, NCFCA and Stoa resolutions are the only resolutions taught, and all scrimmages will use the NITOC 2018 (Season 18) Stoa resolutions.
  • Head coaches will be Vance Trefethen (Policy) and Chris Jeub (Lincoln-Douglas). Other coaches will assist as needed.
  • Training Minds President Chris Jeub will be teaching a special track for all registered parent/coaches. Mr. Jeub is the co-author of Blue Book for Policy Debate and author of Red Book for Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Parents and coaches will walk through the process for being certified Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Coaches from Monument Publishing.

Testimonials from Past Attendees

Training Minds trains you for competition. If you’ve been around for awhile, you know that many of our attendees end up in final rounds. Some of the names below you will recognize.

Training Minds Camp gave me the opportunity to begin a familiarity with what this year could look like according to the resolution. I am now able to “recognize” my case options and am excited to “observe” what ideas people will come up with for cases for electronic surveillance year!

—Austin Pistor, Texas
Top nationally ranked competitor (see ranking)

The coaches were always there to help and coach one-on-one outside of lectures and their teaching was much enjoyed by all of the students involved. I highly recommend this great camp!

—Ryan Kelly Murphy, California
Ranked 1st Place Champion in 2015, Stoa’s highest ranking competitor (see here)

Training Minds camp was an amazing opportunity to grow my skills in a competitive forensics setting. All of the coaches did an excellent job equipping us for the competition season ahead. I feel like I can go head to head with top debate teams because of the unique quality of instruction I received at camp.

—Mark Csoros, TX
Top nationally ranked competitor (see ranking)
and current Monument Publishing Writer

As newbies to the world of speech and debate, we feel much more confident about the upcoming year. We’re excited!

—Trish Youmans, AR
New parent in 2014, now mother of Arkansas 1st place ranked champion (see here)

This Training Minds Camp helped me understand how to debate even better, and how to think outside of the box. Go. To. This. Camp!

—Miliano Mikol, Texas
Attended camp in 2013, now a national contender (see ranking)

Training Minds Camp EXCEEDED our expectations. Coaches were focused, motivated to teach, very knowledgeable, experienced men and women after God’s own heart…I loved that no time was wasted. My only regret is that we hadn’t sent our student sooner.

—Leinani Mikol, Texas
Miliano’s mom and coach

Camp will give you the tools you need to continue excelling all year long.

—Matthew Erickson, Colorado
Ranked 1st Place 2012 (see here), national college champion, current law student at Northwestern

Thanks so much for having the camp! Camp provides a great atmosphere for different leagues to be around each other, and for competitors to get to know one another in a more laid back atmosphere.

—Reesey Rea, Colorado
Stoa’s 2014 National Champion in Policy Debate (see ranking)

I couldn’t believe how helpful the coach’s were in answering questions and sharing their experiences. I really appreciated the one on one time in particular and found it to be invaluable.

—Zack Seals, California
Ranked 5th in the nation 2013 (see ranking)

Pictures Say It All

Training for Action

We train for action. Though the program is easy to love, it is purpose-driven and aggressive. We are training you to excel in competition because we know that your excellence ultimately makes you trainers of the world. We’ve got high hopes for you!

The record of Training Minds speaks for itself. You can almost count on it: Our campers end up in tournament out-rounds. (Check out some of the testimonies here.) We’ve hosted students from all over the country, and year after year they return home to shake up their tournaments and intensify the competition. We are quite proud of our alumni!

But Training Minds is out to make you better people. We strive to instill in every competitor a sense of purpose. The competitive environment is training grounds for participation in a larger story. To us, this is most exciting, and we’re in this for your long-term success.

This event has been closed.