Colorado Speech & Debate Camp 2012

Colorado Speech & Debate Camp 2012

Colorado Christian University, Lakewood, Colorado

18 states represented at the Colorado Camp in 2012

Camp was an incredible place to meet fellow competitors.  Coaches were top-notch!  And of course, the caliber of campers was second to none.  Once again, it proves that the Christian speech and debate environment is one of “rarified air” where God rejoices as His Children joyfully give it their ALL…. as HE fulfills his plan and purpose for us individually. PLEASE don’t miss these CAMPS!!!!  Extra heaps of blessings for all the had workers who made it all possible.

–Joni Jacobs, Montana

I really wish I had started out my first year with camp! Even after having done very well at nationals, I still learned a ton!

–Phillip Allevato, Colorado

WOW! Training Minds Camp thoroughly prepared me for the tournament season! The coaches were wonderful and all of the people involved were so kind! Not only do I feel ready to take on the upcoming tournaments, I also made so many friends that I will get to see throughout the season! 🙂

–Andrea Johnson, South Dakota

I got soooo many questions answered…I feel I will be a more capable judge and eventual club mom in the future because of this camp! Parents, if you have questions (I know I had many) it’s here that you can take the time with very capable people to get them answered! It was helpful to have coaches who have previously tread the path that we are preparing our kids to tread…the experience they have is excellent to hear! It was nice to also hear these coaches affirm to my child that this is a worthwhile endeavor to pursue! We are already talking about next year!

–Laurie Wegscheid, Texas

Training Minds Camp incorporated different aspects of debate theory and strategy with Resolution-based content to create a fantastic debate camp for beginners as well as the advanced. A vast amount of debate techniques and technicalities were covered, while still keeping the bigger picture of what debate is about in perspective. The coaches were always there to help and coach one-on-one outside of lectures and their teaching was much enjoyed by all of the students involved. I highly recommend this great camp!

–Ryan Murphy, California

Training Minds Camp is incredible! With all the information its like drinking from a fire hydrant! You can’t take it all in but you always want some more.

–Emily Lusk, Colorado


My goal for this season is to make it to nationals, and thanks to Training Minds, I feel better equipped to meet my goals for this season!

–Danielle Fife, Oregon


Camp was so much fun!!! I made tons of new friends and learned a LOT! It also gave me a jump start to the year! I definitely want to come back next year!

–Savannah Johnson, South Dakota

At Training Minds Camp, I learned the value of confidence and the skills to back it up. The subject material was cutting edge, the presentation engaging and the coaches top notch. With representing Christ as the focus, the camp trained my mind for action and always ready to give an answer for the faith that I have. I loved it!

–Thomas Rotering, Colorado

As a senior, I’m wishing I would have come to TMM camp earlier. The highlight of the camp was Luis Garcia’s apologetics lectures, which were positively superb. Red Book camp was also splendid, particularly the case building and strategy classes. And of course, the fellowship with other Christian debaters was greatly encouraging.

–Veronica Miller, Colorado

We had a great time and made lots of wonderful new friends. I love the idea of getting ready for tournament season so far in advance. Thanks so much for having the camp! Camp provides a great atmosphere for different leagues to be around each other, and for competitors to get to know one another in a more laid back atmosphere.

–Reesey Rea, Colorado

The training minds camp was a fun and exciting experience that my sons and I will always remember.  I especially enjoyed getting to know both of the authors of the Blue Book.  It was interesting to actually hear Vance debate from the very book he helped write.  I especially appreciated Cynthia’s kindness and patience in dealing with my totally inexperienced and emotional 12 year-old son.

–Rich Fenger, Arizona

This camp not only helped me grow in the short-term intellectually, but in the long run as a person. Only a few days later, I already see myself more driven for excellence and action in all areas of my life, including (but not limited to) speech and debate. My overall understanding of debate has increased significantly! I understand why I did poorly last year, and I look forward to doing much better this year thanks to the wonderful coaching from Training Minds Ministry.

–Abby Davis, Georgia

This camp was very informative and really helped my understanding of Interp and debate. It made great speech and debate more attainable, and will make this and future years of forensics fruitful and fun.

–Jackson Jaro, California

I knew that my club required us to do Extemp, so I signed up for that track. I wasn’t really excited about it, though. As soon as Shane started teaching I realized how important it is and it hit me all of a sudden: I can’t wait to do Extemp! Shane is an amazing teacher and coach. His presentations were well thought out, clear, and understandable. I am now confident that I can do this event, but not only that, I’m excited about it!

–Tommy Schuemann, Colorado

I was pretty nervous about going to debate camp. As soon as I got there I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was new to this and not the only one who was nervous about it. The lectures by Shane and Vance were very helpful and clear. I know more about this year’s topic and the basics of debate and feel much more confident about the upcoming year.

–Robby Schuemann, Colorado

Camp was amazing. I learned so much, from the coaches, that I will be able to use this year. Thank you Training Minds.

–Jordan Ulrich, Illinois

When I left camp, I felt so energized and excited to start the season! I could hardly wait to get home and put all the skills that I had learned into practice for the year.  One of the best things about camp was all of the great minds that were together teaching at one place! The teaching was super-duper and I learned a ton!

–Lindy Arsenault, Colorado

I had no experience when I went and now I know how to write a case!!!  Here’s a thank you to all my coaches Mr.Bateman, Mr.Herche, Mr.Garcia, Mr.Baumgardner and Mr. Jeub.

–Shad Brown, Oregon