Debate Camp 2005 Testimonials

Camp TeachingMy boys and I did not know anything about debate before attending the Training Minds Debate Camp. Wow…What a difference a few days can make! The excellent teaching combined with practical experience they experienced at camp has given them the jumpstart they need for a great debate season.

-Lisa Gencarella, Idaho

Update March 7, 2006, from Mrs. Gencarella:

I wanted to let you know that our Idaho students participated in their first debate tournament this past week-end.  The Training Minds Debate camp was the topic of the hour as our students won 1st, 3rd, and 4th place!  They also won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in speaker points.  As this was a National Qualifying tournament, we will be traveling to Virginia to compete this summer.  It was such a thrill to watch our students apply the skills and strategies they learned at camp with such confidence!  Thank you for giving them the “jump start” they needed to have a great debate season.

How did I go from knowing almost nothing about debate to learning advanced debate strategies? Blue Book [Training Minds] Debate Camp! The coaches knew what they were doing – and in less than 5 days they had given us the tools for a great debate.

-Deanna Torres, Virginia

As a home school mom and coach of policy debate for five years (by default), I only wish I had this camp in the beginning. I felt like a new student of debate, learning new skills and sharpening the old. It was GREAT! In addition to the teaching, the atmosphere, hospitality and fellowship was worth every dollar. Our club can hardly wait for the next camp.

-Darlene Townes, California

The Blue Book [Training Minds] Debate Camp was an amazing way to get straight to the important elements of debate while having fun with other teenagers.

-Janie Rowland, Colorado

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend and I am so glad that I made it…I can use the smart techniques and tools that you equipped me with at camp to debate and lobby Congressmen and Senators on Capitol Hill. My ultimate goal is to become a state and possibly US legislator myself and so you can see why I hold debate so highly in my list of academic goals…I enjoyed all of the lectures thoroughly and rated most of them at a 5. Anyway, thank you so much for the tools and for the great dose of encouragement.

-Landon Webber, Louisiana

What I was able to bring to our club after 5 days attending your workshops would have taken me months to accomplish on my own.  Being able to interact with [Coach Jeub], Coach Vance, and Coach Parks as well as other coaches from all over the country was an unforgettable experience that helped prepare me for the year to come.  The tremendous amount of information imparted along with a willingness to engage in open communication combined with the just downright friendly atmosphere all led to a learning experience that I don’t think can be duplicated anywhere else.

-Karen Reynolds, Texas

Update May 28, 2006, from Mrs. Reynolds:

I have to brag a little on our club because I want to attribute our success to the great beginning you provided. Our little 2 year old club qualified 4 teams out of 6 for Regionals – 2 of those were first year teams.  Of the 4, 3 broke to outrounds with Zack and his partner taking first place at the Region IV Invitational in Texas.  While I want to acknowledge the hard work of every single one of our kids this year, they all have expressed satisfaction with the coaching I was able to provide.  I in turn want to say “Thank you” to you and all the Training Minds coaches. Beginning our year with your camp was the best thing I could have done for all of us.  The results speak for themselves.

Attending Blue Book [Training Minds] Debate Camp was the best thing I could have done for my debating skills. I learned everything from how to choose a partner to how to run a counterplan. The teaching was informative and inspiring at the same time. The camp’s facility and accommodations were exceptional and could not have been better. I would recommend that every debater, experienced or beginner attend Blue Book Debate Camp.

-Ashley Weber, Colorado
Semi-Finalist 2006 Nationals

My dad and I came to your New Year’s debate and had a blast! I was a novice debater with some training but no debating experience. [Coach Vance] and Mr. Parks got me on my feet, and now my partner and I are headed for the National Tournament! We finished third at our first and second practice tournaments–going 4-1 each time. At our second regional qualifier we finished ninth with a 5-1 record, and I received the third place speaker award. We got the last spot for Nationals–the 11th team. Your camp equipped me with skills to get to nationals as a novice debater.

-Andrew Fraser, Indiana

Debate Camp is an extraordinary opportunity. When do you ever have your students completely engaged in debate theory, the topic and surrounded by experienced coaches for five days? As a Coach I highly recommend Training Minds Debate Camp.

-Maggie Carabellos, Colorado

Camp 2006

Debate Camp for Training Minds Ministry has been going on since 2003. Pictured here is Colorado’s 2006 Campers, the Team-Policy debaters in blue and the Lincoln-Douglas debaters in red.