Episode 50: Top Season 1 Podcasts for Season 2 Preparation

In this episode, Chris Jeub wraps up Season 1 of the Training Minds Podcast by summarizing the previous year and explaining upcoming changes for Season 2.

Several of Season 1 podcasts help get you ready for Season 2.

Several of Season 1 podcasts help get you ready for Season 2.


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Each League

  1. Episode 37: Interviews with NITOC Competitors with Chris Jeub
  2. Episode 41: NCFCA Montage and Announcements
  3. Episode 42: Stoa Leadership Interviews and Insights
  4. Episode 47: Homeschoolers in the NSDA with Executive Director Scott Wunn

Highlight of 2015-2016 Events

  1. Episode 43: Team-Policy Cases for 2015 with Vance Trefethen
  2. Episode 44: Lincoln-Douglas Resolutions for NCFCA and Stoa
  3. Episode 45: Big 2015 Apologetics Upgrades with Luis Garcia
  4. Episode 46: Speech Sourcebooks with Ellen Densmore
  5. Episode 48: Team-Policy Resolutions with Greg Rehmke
  6. Episode 49: Lincoln-Douglas Debate with Greg Rehmke

Looking Ahead to Nationals

  1. Episode 32: Focus on Nationals with Shane Baumgardner
  2. Episode 35: Becoming a Monument Publishing Writer with Chris Jeub
  3. Episode 23: Successful Debate Camps with Chris Jeub

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Chris Jeub

Coach Jeub is president of Training Minds Ministry and owner of Monument Publishing. He co-authors Blue Book every year with one of the leading voices of team-policy debate, Vance Trefethen. He works with coaches from across the country to bring the best products possible into the hands of young debaters. Mr. Jeub has taught debate at camps, local clubs, and to his own family since 1995.

Mr. Jeub resides in Monument, Colorado, with his wife and 12 of his children. You’ll likely see Mr. Jeub at tournaments, most certainly at nationals cheering on his own children, his club’s students, his campers, and all the debaters in the nation who work through his training materials.

You can find out more about Mr. Jeub at www.chrisjeub.com.


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