Florida Debate Camp – Lake Swan, Fla.

Florida Debate Camp 2010

Camp taught me a very important lesson: it is one thing to have a brain, another thing entirely to use it and think. This, I observed, was one of the most important teaching philosophies in the classes. My coaches gave me a lot of information to know, but they also wanted me to use my head and think of applications of or justification for this information. But it didn’t stop after class. One of my coaches, also my roommate, would frequently ask my friends and me questions about our worldview. Though I thought it was just fun to debate, I eventually realized that she was doing this to teach us not only to know what we believe, but think about why we believe it! I am very happy with the preparation this has given me for this LD season, but I’m even happier with the preparation this has given me for life.

– Emily Rogers, Georgia

It was my first year at debate camp, and I have to say it was better than I ever expected. I’m more prepared for the upcoming debate season and look forward to sharing everything I learned at camp with my partner. The camp was excellent and the coaches and instructors helped me learn so much. I can’t wait to go back next year!

– Zach McLeod, Alabama

Wow, camp this year was great! The coaching staff was incredible and went out of their way to help with cases, questions, or anything else that came up! I also attended this camp last year, and the benefits that came from the information I learned showed clearly in tournament results. =] The camp really does provide the needed boost to get back into the debate mindset and gives a strong foundation to work on. Thank you all so much for everything!

– Elizabeth Dews, North Carolina

After attending Training Minds, I now thoroughly understand many of the concepts necessary to Lincoln Douglas debate.

– Seth Heard, Florida

I have to say that I wish I had this foundation my first year. The training I was provided was amazing and very practical. Thank you so much training minds.

– Jonathan Hixson, Florida

The TMM coaches helped me prepare for debate by providing me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to get ready for the upcoming tournament season. The coaches were fantastic! They were always willing to answer my questions or help me figure out what to say/ignore in my debate speeches. They provided me with the ammunition I needed to succeed in future debate rounds.

– Katherine Birdsong, Georgia

I always wondered why the best debaters always went to this, and now I know! This camp really opened my eyes about how much goes into being a great debater and I learned a lot! The coaches were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and just all around awesome! I would suggest this camp to anyone! New debaters, and experienced debaters all can learn a lot from this camp!

– Christopher Hill, Florida

Training Minds Florida camp was an excellent camp! I learned a lot and can’t wait to put the information to good use. 🙂

– Riley Gorenflo, Florida

Debate Camp more than surpassed my expectations. I came in feeling overwhelmed about debate and went away feeling ready to help my children succeed. The coaches were wonderful and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about debating.

– Jessica Aboujaoude, Florida

Training Minds Debate Camp was definitely the greatest learning experience I’ve had since I began debate two years ago. As I am switching over to LD from TP, I’ve had a lot of confusion on some key issues. Debate camp cleared up all that confusion, and I feel ready enough to compete at a tournament already! It doesn’t stop there, either. The extemp extension was amazing. Extemp is the only type of speech I’ve never watched at competition so coming into camp I had no idea what one even looked like. After the lecture, I was able to give a 6 and a half minute Extemp speech with sources, logic, and a clear, flowing speech. It was great, and it was all thanks to the amazing coaches!

– Austin Becton, Florida

In my first three years of LD, my “Win to Loss” ratio was horrendously a 1:3. After attending TMM’s Florida debate camp (2009-2010), that ratio changed to a 3:2. In my fourth year of LD, I won more rounds than I ever won in all my first three years combined. This success is all contributed to God and TMM. I attended the Florida debate camp again (2010-2011) which still proved to have the top-notch coaching, effective teaching, the right direction, and – of course – fun.

– Eduardo A. Ricks, Louisiana