For Action Conference 2014

The very first For Action Conference took place at Focus on the Family January 2-4, 2014. We had 48 attendees and 12 amazing speakers. The alumni are ready to launch into the future with unprecedented momentum!

For Action 2014

For Action Agents, January 2014

The key benefit of this conference is in its name: ACTION. After hearing from the experts, learning the skills they need to know, and networking with like-minded millennials, For Action Alumni are inspired and equipped to take on that which they love. They are ready and willing, “trained for action” (1 Peter 1:13), to follow God’s calling in their lives.

As a 22-year-old senior in college, I received practical advice, great reading recommendations, and what I believe will be a lasting motivation to work smart and hard at developing and thriving in the talents God has given me. College has given me important background knowledge and practice for my trade, but For Action has given me the tools to ply it.    

Kristi-Joy Matovich, Colorado

It is always incredible to meet people who do what they are passionate about. The For Action Conference not only supplied ample opportunity for this, but also provided tools for my generation to do the same. The speakers and activities helped guide students to find and hone their passion, and give them ideas for things to do with it. Oh, and also, it was a lot of fun.    

Annie Hall, Missouri

For Action was a convergence of ideas, new and old, anchored in Christ, yet void of religion. These ideas and experiences were delivered to the next and former generations with respect and candor. Each member of our team from Texas was challenged with timeless truths and new, innovative ideas. We feel we have been given permission to think “outside the box” while building on solid ground for those who follow.    

Debi Chapman, Texas

The For Action Conference inspired me to be even more purposeful and productive, and have a great 2014. I loved the stories shared and heartfelt coaching from the speakers. There were certainly some differing views and I appreciated how conference organizers did not endorse any one as the “right way,” respecting the audience enough to listen and learn themselves.    

Isaiah McPeak, Virginia

All the speakers were friendly and sweet. At every session I learned something new and could take away information that I could apply to my life. All the meals were great. I liked how everyone for the most part intermixed with one another and had a great time. This conference has equipped me with knowledge on how to pursue my future in a way that I do what I love and glorify God also.    

Josiah Walker, California

It was exciting and encouraging to spend a weekend with exemplary leaders and other like-minded young people.    

Jacqueline Condon, Kansas

Listening to all the speakers was inspiring…it makes me feel equipped to go into 2014 with focused goals, and a renewed purpose.    

Christina Herche, California

The For Action Conference was very informative and entertaining at the same time. I am very thankful that I got to participate in this wonderful conference. I feel better prepared for the scary thing people call the future. I have many new ideas and projects in mind because of this conference. I got to meet great people, learn new things, and listen to great future advice. This has truly been an amazing experience. Thank you.

Angela Neve, Colorado

The For Action Conference was enlightening, inspiring, and informational because it equipped me with insight for my future career.     

Rachel George, Texas

The For Action Conference was so solid. It was full of genuine people who knew what they were talking about and wanted everyone of us attending to be successful. I came with a ton of questions, and those questions got answered. In fact, the only question I have after attending the For Action Conference is, “When do I sign up for the next one?”    

Hudson Nyhart, Wisconsin

We kind of fell into this opportunity and I knew only a little about For Action, so I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. As a parent, I am SO glad I was able to experience the conference with my daughter so that I can share her excitement and encourage her better. I was really struck by the honesty and sincerity of the speakers and, contrary to some, this Baby Boomer did not hate the message! I’m super excited about the overall theme of finding what YOU love and doing it, but most of all that it’s okay to put yourself out there for the right reasons and promote your God-given talents and gifts. I love that it was grounded in Truth, and I’m looking forward to seeing how God uses For Action Alumni. Many thanks to the sponsors and co-sponsors for making it affordable, and Chris Jeub for his vision!    

Sydney George, Texas

I found the availability to ALL the speakers and guests to be wonderful at the For Action Conference. I was connected, not just a person scribbling fantastic notes and felt confident that if I had a question later, I could always ask. The conference was made to educate us and lift us up! I left there feeling capable and equipped to manage my own special gifts.     

Chelsea Barlow, Texas

Before the For Action Conference I did not have many plans for my future and did not know where I wanted to go in life or what I wanted to do. Finishing my second year of college, I was open to anything to help me along. Thanks to everyone involved in this I now have plenty of options and ideas to look into for my future! Met some great people who were not only super nice but also super passionate about what they do and supportive of me. That was inspiring! Worth every cent!    

Lindsey Rogers, Colorado

The For Action Conference was very motivational. All of the speakers were helpful in their own ways but some were clearly superior than others. The keynote especially drives me to action.

Ryan Alexander, Oklahoma

I was feeling lost and listless as a 19-year-old college student.  This was the perfect kick start to the new year, and new life.  The conference gave me revolutionary ideas, honest motivation, and practical tools to pinpoint goals and achieve them.  It also gave me the opportunity to meet members of my generation who want to work together to challenge convention and lead the world in unique ways. The For Action Conference is for the young person ready for, and willing to, take action.

Sonya Swink, Colorado