Gold Book Camp (Extemp) 2008

Gold Book Camp (Extemp)…

Extemp TeachingI just wanted to thank you so much for everything that you did to make extemp and debate camp happen this year. I had an absolute blast at extemp camp and I hope that you are going to continue to have those every year. The entire experience of debate camp just seems to get better and better each time I come and I look forward to having many more great experiences there over the next couple of years. Again I just want to thank for all the time and effort that you have put in to making all of this come together.

Shane Baumgardner, Colorado
1st Place Extemper in the Nation 2009

I came to camp convinced that I could never do extemp in competition. I left the camp convinced that I not only can, I will.

George Nye, Washington

Cody and Ryan are wonderful teachers!

David Cecil-Few, Colorado

When I went to Extemp camp, I wasn’t planning to compete in Extemp speaking this year. Now I definitely am! Great info, great coaching, great camp! 100% worth it!

Catherine Jones, Washington

Ryan and Cody could probably make car washing exciting, and they did a great job energizing the students. We came to camp with two students, one uncommitted to extemp and one reluctantly committed. We left with two enthusiastic committed students ready to start filling the boxes.

Katherine van der Vaart, Virginia

Extemp Camp was an amazing experience. When I learned it was to be the first Extemp Camp ever done by Training Minds, I was very nervous about it. But after it was over, I was totally blown away by the amazing job Cody and Ryan did. I learned so very much and would strongly recommend it to anyone. Thank you all for the great work you did!

Danielle Namour, Florida