Interp Coaching from Travis Herche

Join Travis as he teaches and coaches you in time for your next tournament!

Now is the time for expert coaching, to push your literary interp over the edge into champion territory. If you see yourself taking the top award at nationals, it will take more than your grandparents giving you pointers in your living room. You’ll need coaching from the best.

Travis Herche wrote the book, Keys to Interp, and has coached national award winners for the past four years. He custom made the Training Minds Ministry camp curriculum for competitors, and he has transformed the weakest of speeches into title champions.

Wouldn’t a day with Travis be absolutely perfect?

Travis is coming to three locations in January, and it is worth your time to travel. He will give his best coaching tips and help train you to pull off a stellar performance at your next qualifier. Travis is opening these teaching times to only 50 students, so space is limited. You’ve put so much time into your speech already. Don’t hesitate…register today!

When & Where?

  • Monday, February 5 → Colorado
  • Tuesday, February 6 → Texas
  • Wednesday, Febraury 7 → California


  • 9:00 am → Registration
  • 10:00 am → Session 1
  • 11:30 am → Lunch
  • 12:00 noon → Coaching sessions
  • 2:00 pm → Session 2
  • 4:00 pm → Coaching sessions
  • 5:30 pm → End


All students $99 each, coaches $49. Lunch is included. Capacity at 25 students.


Registration will open January 14.