Matthew Mittelberg

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Matthew Mittelberg

From the moment he began debating, Matthew Mittelberg was hooked. Matthew competed in team-policy debate for three years in California in both NCFCA and Stoa. During that time he had a leadership role in the Apollos debate club in Orange County. In 2010 Matthew moved with his family to Colorado and continued his participation by joining the Resolve debate club, this time competing in Lincoln-Douglas debate for his senior year.

During that final season he ranked 1st in the nation in Lincoln-Douglas debate (a standing he held through the end of the season), as well as 1st in Persuasive Speech. He was the undefeated LD champion at the largest homeschool speech and debate tournament ever, the 2011 Concordia Challenge, winning with a 9-0 record. He also won two other tournaments, the San Diego Classic and The Gold Standard. Matthew placed 1st in Persuasive Speech at four consecutive 2011 tournaments, ultimately becoming the National Persuasive Champion at NITOC.

Matthew has been an academic tutor, acted in numerous dramas, played basketball on a champion team, and has been a violinist since the age of three. He’s known for his love of life, positive attitude, and a wide circle of fantastic friends. He has a strong relationship with God and loves to defend the truth of Christianity. When he’s not coaching his Resolve Lincoln Douglas team or working at the Apple Store, you’ll probably find him doing his other favorite thing – leaping through the air to catch a long pass in an epic game of Ultimate Frisbee!

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