Monumentum Debate Tournament

Training Minds has underwritten several tournaments over the years, but none as intentional as the Monumentum Debate Tournament. Training Minds President Chris Jeub served as Tournament Director, and his local club from Monument, Colorado, took leadership to make it happen. Seventy students and nearly 100 judges passed through one day of Team-Policy and Lincoln-Douglas competition. Check out the testimonies of its parents, judges and competitors:

Chris Jeub has an excellent vision. He cares deeply about encouraging students to speak well for the sake of Christ.

Jim Gilbreath, Parent and Volunteer

In the 15+ tournaments, in and out of state I have attended, the Monumentum debate tournament was one of the most pre-planned, and consequently, smoothest run tournaments I have been at.  The environment was laid back and cheerful, the schedule punctual, and many of the judges notably experienced.  I will definitely look forward to this event again in the future!

John-Micah Braswell, Competitor

This tournament was a lot of work…but a bodacious amount of fun!  Many things were squeezed into a short amount of time but overall, things were copacetic and went off very smoothly.

Becky Johnson, Parent and Volunteer

This tournament was exactally what I needed to have that push to inhance my skills earlier in the year.  Everyone was so kind and it was great to feel included by the Colorado people.  I definetively hope to come back next year and was stretched! Keep up the good work!

Sarah Johnson, Competitor from South Dakota

The Monumentum Debate Tournament was great! I got to debate my very first debate tournament and it was a wonderful experience! To all those who ran it and helped run it, thank you for all your hard work to make it successful!

Kate Long, Competitor

Awesome facility! I hope you can get it next year!!!

Arlene Miller, Parent

The tournament was so much fun! I really had a great time debating and hanging out with friends. Thanks for putting it together!

Meridian Paulton, Competitor

I really loved the location, abundant parking, and the fact that all rooms in competition use were in one area!  What is NOT to love here?  In trying to find areas to improve upon . . . I cannot.  But I can tell you that those other areas mentioned are really SO critical and each one was provided!  They make such an immense difference in WANTING to participate – remove any one of them and it just becomes more of a burden to do so.  Monumentum – you pulled off a delightful tournament!

Tammy Harder, Parent

I very much enjoyed this tournament. It was fun, competitive, and and amazing learning experience. I definitely improved a lot through the tournament.

Jonathan Forte, Competitor

We very much enjoyed the Monumentum tournament.  The facility was beautiful, clean and well laid out.  The kitchen in between the two large rooms made keeping track of younger siblings easy.  Everything seemed to run smoothly in spite of having many new facilities personnel.  Thanks for a great tournament!

Mary Lou Allevato, Parent and Volunteer

Speech and Debate is a training I believe every Christian should have so that we can make an impact in a world where, sadly, we are the minority. We should know how to defend our faith with logic and reason. I have always wanted to make a difference in this world and the Mounumentum Debate Tournament offered me the chance to improve my speaking and reasoning skills so I can achieve that goal. I commend TMM for throwing together this tournament so quickly and for keeping it going on time. It has given me a boost in this my final year of speech and debate. Thanks a ton, TMM, for the fun, help, and chance to better myself! Thanks for the good time!

Timothy Navarro, Competitor

Thinking and reasoning skills are becoming a thing of the past.  Training Minds brings this all back to the forefront in training up the next generation of leaders and speakers.  Keep up the great work!  Soli Deo Gloria!

Rick Stevens, Community Judge

TMM runs a well-oiled debate ship! I love being around the staff and students, and am always glad to give my time to judge – I remember how much it meant to me to train and learn under Coach Jeub, and I’m excited to see others being impacted in the same way.

Hillary Wallace, Alumni Judge

The Monumentum tournament is a great way to get the debate season started.  My students all benefited from being able to try out their cases and practice their  debating early in the year.

Matthew Erickson, Training Minds Coach

Based on the situation you were given, you did stupendously! Too few judges, too few timers, too few helpers, and this is still one of my most favorite tournaments. I was rushed, moving from debate to debate. I can only imagine how rushed you were making it one of the best tournaments I have been to. Thank you!

Graham Myers, Competitor

These short, early debate tournaments are great ways to get a person’s feet wet at the beginning of the tournament season.  Having fun with all the people there and debating is always the best part.

Brian Pederson, Competitor from North Dakota

It was my first time to be a community judge.  I found it enlightening and fun.  I was struck by the poise of all the students and the knowledge they possessed.

Karen Crockett, Community Judge

What a wonderful experience for students! I am very impressed with the level of rhetoric and debating expertise that I saw in my judging experience this time.

Sarah Brenner, Community Judge

Great tournament!  Great job!  We hope to come back next year!

Pam Johnson, Coach from South Dakota

What a great venue for “iron sharpening iron.” To watch these future leaders process information and then compete was so fulfilling. Our world needs a new generation of thinkers, and I am so proud of such a ministry that not only advocates such a skill set (the easy part), but facilitates it (the hard part). Thank you Training Minds for your pro-active devotion and service to our kids. May God richly bless each of you.

Johnny Karls, Parent