Monumentum Debate Tournament

Club Monumentum hosts an early-season debate tournament, the first of the season for most.

Jump into competition with the first debate tournament in the season. Pull your cases and briefs together for the Monumentum Debate Tournament. This tournament provides an excellent opportunity for all debaters to get some monumentum behind them PLUS earn their very first check marks toward NITOC qualification.

What is “Monumentum”?

Monumentum is the debate club of Chris Jeub, president of Training Minds. The club is a DBA of Training Minds and is located out of Monument, Colorado. Mr. Jeub and his team of families host this tournament early in the season to encourage debaters to jump into the fray and start building their path toward success.

When and Where

The 2012 Monumentum Debate Tournament has expired, but plans are already being made for the 2013 event. The tournament is located in the Colorado Springs area around the Thanksgiving holiday. Exact time and location will be announced by the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.


Training Minds takes pride in its well-run, pre-planned events, and tournaments are no exception. Check out these testimonials from the first Monumentum Debate Tournament in 2012:

In the 15+ tournaments, in and out of state I have attended, the Monumentum debate tournament was one of the most pre-planned, and consequently, smoothest run tournaments I have been at.  The environment was laid back and cheerful, the schedule punctual, and many of the judges notably experienced.  I will definitely look forward to this event again in the future!

John-Micah Braswell, Littleton

This tournament was exactally what I needed to have that push to inhance my skills earlier in the year. Everyone was so kind and it was great to feel included by the Colorado people. I definetively hope to come back next year and was stretched! Keep up the good work!

Sarah Johnson, South Dakota

The Monumentum Debate Tournament was great! I got to debate my very first debate tournament and it was a wonderful experience! To all those who ran it and helped run it, thank you for all your hard work to make it successful!

Kate Long, Colorado Springs

Seeing Is Believing

Set your eyes on November 2013 to get ready! See you soon in Colorado!

Watch for Monumentum announcements in the Fall 2013.