This group of NCFCA debaters gathered across the street from Oral Roberts University, the venue for the 2013 NCFCA National Tournament. The prepared under coaches Travis Herche, Vance Trefethen and Chris Jeub for the weekend to prepare for their week of competition. Several awards were taken home as a result of “training the mind for action.”

One thing I really enjoyed about NITC was the class discussion. Every region has its unique style of debating. I found it enjoyable and valuable to learn arguments, techniques, strategies etc. from out of region competitors. Having this knowledge prior to entering Nationals can be invaluable. Thanks for a great week!

—Myles McLean, Illinois

NITC helped me settle into a competitive mode quickly as I headed into Nationals week. Starting Day 1 of competition with a week of focus instead of beginning cold definitely contributed to my success at Nationals this year.

—Isaac Harris, Oregon

Training Minds Intensive Training provided valuable training in preparation for Nationals with in-depth discussions regarding issues that students encountered throughout the year, plus the great opportunity to debate other National Qualifying students in preparation for competition.  I highly recommend this camp to better prepare for the National Championship

—Lisa David, Missouri