NITC-2009 Greenville, S.C.

NITC Society 2009 Nationals Intensive Training Camp 2009
Greenville, S.C.

Nationals Intensive Training Camp
Our first NITC event took place the wexkend before Nationals in Greenville, SC. The purpose was to train debaters for their upcoming week of competition. Camp alumni attended for free. Twenty Team-Policy teams and 14 Lincoln-Douglas debaters were represented. All of these were National Qualifiers.

It has been fun and VERY productive working with ALL of the NITC debaters this year. Esther and I have been working hard, but we know that without the help of the Blue Book coaches and the NITC debaters who put in countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears helping us out, that we would not be where we are today. I have been to nationals three straight years in a row, but the level of chemistry and support I have received both in pre-nationals prep as well as the inter-tournament spirit of encouragement, prayers, and conversations were UNMATCHED this year with NITC! I can honestly say, at least on Esther’s and my behalf, that any and all success we experience is a direct result of the investments Training Minds and NITC have made in us. Thank you ALL again and happy hunting for those still in the race.

Nicolas Townes & Esther Townes
Nationals Semi-Finalists
3rd Place in the Nation

NITC helped me take that final step beyond what I could do personally. I had learned, researched, and practiced, but I was able to go deeper and apply it thanks to NITC. Additionally, the resources in the final Red Book were incredibly valuable. Attending NITC should be extra motivation to qualify to nationals!

Kaitlin Nelson
2nd Place Extemp at Nationals
4th Place Lincoln-Douglas Speaker at Nationals
7th Place LDer in the Nation

Being at NITC in the days prior to the National Championship gave me the preparation and that last edge needed to be a national contender. Thank you so much for this experience!

Landon Webber, Louisiana
3rd Place Speaker at Nationals
Quarter-finalist at Nationals

Woohoo!! We were headed out to South Carolina for a wonderful vacation…. I mean…. Nationals. Right…. Thankfully I had NITC to

Matthew Baker 2009

Two-time Nationals Finalist Matthew Baker geared up students for competition.

get me back to focusing on Debate. They provided a wonderful 3 day camp with coaching, pep talks, training, a GINORMOUS sourcebook (so we didn’t have to print all the briefs we were compiling) and a great time. I knew we had gotten rusty from not debating very much since Regionals. Am I glad we had those few practise rounds to whip us back into shape! Overall it was a wonderful experience that was helpful throughout the Nationals week and I would definitely recommend it to next year’s National Debaters.

Rachel Seay, Colorado

After several weeks of not debating or thinking debate, I felt a little rusty. It was absolutely vital to have NITC three days before nats. NITC helped me get back into the swing of things. It also gave me some helpful tips and secrets that make debaters national quality.

Matthew Silver, Virginia
Region 8 Champion
13th Place Speaker in Lincoln-Douglas at Nationals

NITC provided an incredible opportunity to transition from “Nationals debate research” to “Nationals debate”. Rather than spending the last few days of Nationals prep staring blankly at my computer screen, I spent the final days of prep doing the actual thing: debating. NITC recognized that even if we have all the research in the world, if we are rusty debaters, the debates will not be Nationals material. They couldn’t have been more right. The difference between my first practice round at NITC and Round 1 at Nationals was night and day; I couldn’t imagine how Nationals would have turned out had I not taken the time to knock off the rust. Plus, the session outlining the local judging pool and the BJU debate theory was invaluable. I walked into Nationals encouraged, excited, and ready to make my mark.

Alexandra Hebdon
Recognized Speaker at Nationals

NITC was an intense, fast-paced couple of days that took our level of debate from “Nationally-qualified” to “Nationally-competitive.” The preparation, interaction, and instruction that took place at camp allowed us to prep our “A-game” and approach the prelim rounds, and later outrounds, with a confidence that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. Thanks, TMM, for putting this together for us!

Renee Davis, Texas
Team-Policy Quarter-Finalist at Nationals

Debaters who have qualified to nationals will benefit from NITC. I can personally vouch for how amazing Cody is as a coach. NITC is definitely a level up from the pre-season camps, and I know it put me over the top.

Jon Chi Lou, California
3rd Place Lincoln-Douglas Debater