NITC 2012

Nationals Intensive Training Camp 2012

Manitou Springs, Colorado

Nationals Intensive Training Camp 2012, Summit Ministries, Manitou Springs, Colo.

Matthew Erickson, alumni of NITC and several Training Minds camps, won 1st Place out of over 100 Lincoln-Douglas debaters at the Stoa National Tournament.

Although I have been to multiple training minds camps, NITC was by far the most helpful for me as a more advanced debater. The training leading up to NITOC helped me be more prepared and allowed me to debate at my full potential. Thanks to NITC, I went into NITOC feeling confident and prepared, and was able to have the most fun and rewarding tournament of the year. I strongly encourage everyone who qualifies to nationals to consider NITC. It will make you more prepared, fluent, and confident, just like it did for me.

—Matthew Erickson, Colorado
1st Place NITOC Champion Lincoln-Douglas

I couldn’t believe how helpful the coach’s were in answering questions and sharing their experiences. I really appreciated the one on one time in particular and found it to be invaluable. I know I would not have done as well as I did at NITOC if it hadn’t been for NITC. Thanks Training Minds for getting me ready for NITOC!

—Zack Seals, California
NITOC 5th Place Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Ranked 8th  in the Nation 2012

To be honest, I went into NITC not having very high expectations. But I got just the opposite from what I had foreseen. NITC helped me come from being a nobody, to 7th LDer at NITOC!

—Phillip Allevato, Colorado
NITOC 5th Place Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1st Year Debater in 2012

Great way to make friends and warm up for Nationals at the same time! Thank-you for a wonderful two days!

—Jennifer Woolsey, Texas

I have high expectations every time I attend NITC, and get results to match. Just before the biggest tournament of your career, you are refreshed to the championship mindset that keeps you going at a difficult event. Regardless of whether or not you acheive your goals afterwords, NITC is a worthy investment because you officially know you did everything you could to realize them. I endorse 100%!

—Lauren Blankenship, California

NITC was fantastic! Definitely would go back. Can’t wait for next year!

—Chesley Rowlett, Indiana

It was good not only to have feedback from the coaches but also my fellow competitors. It allowed me to better prepare for the responses people would have against my case.

—Lauren Butler, Colorado

One of the most fruitful times I’ve had at NITC was getting to know the fellow competitors to be able to interact with them helped just as much as the very knowledgeable coaches. I believe that this camp prepared me to meet and surpass my goals. Not only do you learn to be a better communicator, but you get a head start on the rest of the individuals competing at NITOC to hone your skills right before the tournament.

—Luke Hiura, California

Coaches “training minds for action” at a recent camp held at Summit Ministries.

The coaching at NITC helped me to polish the debate skills I had learned throughout the year, and prepare for the higher competition at NITOC. The program allowed me to bring my best to nationals and enjoy the competition.

—Rebekah Gudeman, Illinois

NITC is great. There’s a reason that the national champion has come from NITC three years in a row. NITC knocks of the rust that collects before NITOC. That’s a huge advantage, and in a competition as close as NITOC you need every advantage you can get.

—Lincoln Anderson, California

I loved NITC, and believe that it was well worth the time! I was so much more prepared in nationals, and I can honestly say that this camp took me to outrounds.

—Abi Rhodes, Tennesee

This camp was very instrumental in preparing me to debate at NITOC. I appreciate the investment that you all made. The relationships that were forged were amazing. Thank you.

—Philip Baker, Texas

The results speak for themselves. Of the 8 finalists in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, FIVE were alumni. FOUR of whom attended NITC.