NITC – San Diego (Stoa)

Nationals Intensive Training Camp – San Diego (Stoa)

2010 NITC San Diego

Our “NITC” event took place from coast to coast in two different homeschool leagues. First, Stoa’s first National Tournament in San Diego, and two weeks later in Virginia Beach for NCFCA’s 12th National Tournament.

My camp experience in Colorado last August was phenomenal. I thought it could not have been any better. Then I came to NITC. NITC was an extremely fun, mind sharpening, knowledge gaining experience. The RedBook final installment was very instrumental in the rounds I had at NITOC. Of course, playing Ultimate Frisbee on the beach with all my former camp buddies was a blast. But the single best part of the camp was getting into the proper mindset; “Tournament mode”. I really did feel ready to tackle what came my way. Actually, I take that back. The single beat part was the people. Old friends, new friends, the wonderful staff and the amazing coaches. This camp: from the practice rounds, to the incredibly fun drills and the intense round table discussions, was a truely incredible experience, one which I sincerely hope to repeat in 2011.

– Jacob Phillip, Texas

I really, really liked the practice debates and subsequent feedback. I needed a refresher after nearly 3 months of not doing much debate. I am fairly sure that NITC improved my record.

– Eric Thompson, California

Come to NITC! Come to NITC! Come to NITC! Second only to debate camp, this was the best investment I made all season. I showed up because I had heard that it was helpful in preparing for Nationals…but I didn’t understand just HOW beneficial it is until I came and experienced it for myself. I received invaluable insight from the coaches along with students who have an obvious drive for excellence, while in a fun and engaging atmosphere that I am looking forward to experiencing again. If you want to meet your goals at the biggest tournament of the season, make a little extra effort and come to NITC…Believe me, it will be TOTALLY worth it! Thank you, Training Minds, for making my first Nationals experience a truly satisfying one!

– Lauren Blankenship, California

The coaches were phenomenal at communicating valuable information to the students. I am glad that I was able to participate at NITC with the Herches. Cody’s last speech on how to approach the tournament mentally, was quite a confidence booster. I believe I succeeded at achieving personal success because of that final speech.

– Tommy Gehrig, California

The great thing about NITC is that the camp does not end after the 2 days. The coaches are still present to guide you and help coach you throughout the tournament. Overall, the contacts formed with both the coaches and the competitors proved critically important at the National Tournament.

– Jon Bateman, Illinois

Attending NITC was a great experience in my nationals preparation. The coaches were encouraging and very helpful, with lots of advice and feedback. Working, prepping, (and debating!) with friends was a highlight of NITC. This was a wonderful help to me, and I would recommend it!

– Elena Trueba, California