NITC – Virginia Beach (NCFCA)

Nationals Intensive Training Camp – Virginia Beach (NCFCA)

At NITC I was able to get re-focused on debate, due to a several month hiatus. At NITC I was able to get several practice debates in and get extensive feedback from the coahces. Cody Herche also gave an amazing speech on setting goals for nationals. I was able to realize what I wanted to get out of my “nationals experience” with his speech. However, the most useful thing of NITC was the online society in which fellow NITC members traded flows, discussed value, applications, and even how to get prepared to face certain debaters. All in all I had an amazing time, and hope I qualify to nats next year so I can attend NITC.

– Brett Howard, Oregon

NITC gave me the information that I was looking for. Going through applications and drills really increased my confidence and mad me feel more prepared to field whatever was thrown at me. The coaching during NITC and Nationals was so helpful- i.e. Travis showed me a new way to look at and execute rebuttals and I didn’t give a single rebuttal throughout Nationals that went without compliment! I may not have broken, but attending NITC made me comfortable and confident in my performance.

– Rachel Seay, Colorado

I came to NITC thinking “I really don’t think I deserve to be at Nationals. I got an At-Large slot; I couldn’t even qualify the ‘legitimate’ way.” By the time NITC was finished, I was confident that even if I didn’t think I deserved to be there, I was ready, prepared, and equipped to do well at Nats. However, I lost sight of that. In my first 3 rounds, I constantly thought that I was at the national tournament, forgetting what Cody said at one point at NITC “Think of each round as the final round.” Quite fittingly, I lost all three. However, as I began to apply the mindset that had been provided at NITC, the rounds became less daunting. Because of the encouragement I received at NITC, I went from 0-3 after three rounds, to 3-3 at the end of the tournament. The Florida Training Minds camp got me to Nationals, and NITC got me through it.

– Alex Sargent, Florida

Fear and Trembling lead to Confidence and Readiness over the course of just two days at NITC. NITC helped us to be mentally prepared and not as afraid, and the coached practice rounds helped knock the rust off after a month of inactivity. Should I qualify again next year, I’ll be back, but I’ll have already left the Fear and Trembling behind.

– Jacob Dean, Florida

“I truly enjoyed my time in NITC … there was excellent camaraderie and good information about debate and debate techniques. Specifically, Cody’s speaking drills definitely stretched me and pulled me out of my comfort zone. They made me feel much more aware of how I sounded, what I looked like, and how to use my tone and voice to communicate more than just words. I appreciated the feedback I received from the coaches. They put a lot of time and effort into reviewing my cases and giving me personal critique. Thanks so much! “

– Damaris Jimenez, Virginia

NITC really helped me to be mentally ready for Nationals. NITC helped me to realize that the “big and scary” teams were beatable. It helped me to realize that it really is possible to win at Nationals and that gave me a confidence boost!

– Haley Russell, Florida

As this was my first year in the NCFCA and my first nationals, I walked into NITC with phrases like “Nationals is a whole new animal!” and “Why aren’t you more nervous?!” crowding my mind. NITC helped me step back and see the tournament for what it was, an awesome opportunity to compete and glorify God through competition. At the same time, it prepared me for the intensity of the week by shaking me out of the after-regionals stupor and handing me challenges and critiques that echoed in my brain throughout the week. While short, NITC was a useful, enjoyable kick-off to Nationals.

– Whitney Rutherford, Florida

At NITC, I gained the confidence I needed for going against cases ran by nationally qualified teams. I felt prepared to handle anything from the tournament well. I liked how I got to meet and work with some of my competition in more of a laid-back, friendly manner. I made great friends! The coaches were all fantastic in their attitude and what they had to offer. I wouldn’t have felt nearly as focused without something to keep me going; assignments, research, discussions, ect. I am very thankful NITC was an option to prepare me for the best tournament of my life.

– Amber Liddiard, Colorado

Usually, my first and second rounds at tournaments are a little ‘meh’. Being able to overcome that by debating other competitors the day before benefited me greatly. Additionally, meeting so many other LDers helped a ton. I knew that if I needed to ask someone a question about a certain case, or borrow something, there were 13 other NITC debaters willing to help!

– Natasha Torrens, Virginia

With the overwhelming stress of preparing for Nationals, Training Mind’s NITC camp gave me the confidence and intense training that I needed to succeed. Valued time with coaches, packed sessions with exceptional information, and excellent practice rounds gave me and my partner a great start for Nats. We couldn’t have done as well as we had if it weren’t for NITC!

– Catherine Gardiner, Hawaii

NITC is a pre-nats essential. It helped my partner and I mentally prepare for the competition and get our heads in the game. Instead of diving head first into cold water Tuesday morning, NITC provided the opportunity to practice and thoroughly re-examine cases and debates to shake off any rust from Regionals. The coaches bend over backwards to provide support and aid to whomever needs it. It’s a worthwhile investment!

– Mary Claire Birdsong, Georgia

  • Lori B

    Can you give an example of “focus on the behavior and not the personality”?

    • Example: A child who is goofing off and ignoring his homework. “You’re not funny” would be a personal attack. “Settle down and get going on your homework” is focusing on the behavior.

  • Tammie E.

    I understand totally what you mean. This year has been a bad, bad one for us and we have been off schedule alot ! In doing so I have noticed it has caused all of us alot of strife. We aren’t particuarly strict about the schedule – I mean if something used to pop up or a chance arose to go someplace off we went. But when Mom and Dad are stressed so are the kids. I have seen that alot this year ! I suppose when things start to change and get settled they will do better as well.