Nationals Intensive Training Camp

An Ethos and Training Minds Collaborative Event

NITC students are R-E-A-D-Y for their national tournament. The results speak for themselves.

BREAKING NEWS: Training Minds Ministry and Ethos Debate will be
cooperating together to bring you the BEST debate coaching available.

Did you make it to Nationals (Stoa, NCFCA, or both)? If so, you are invited to join the Nationals Intensive Training Camp, the most beneficial intensive training to prepare you for your big week. All qualifiers in Team-Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Debate are invited to participate in this “training minds for action.” Its purpose: to give one final coaching hurrah to those who made it so far.

Where & When

Chris Jeub (Training Minds Ministry president) and Isaiah McPeak (Ethos Debate president) are working together to secure facilities for both camps, as well as pulling together the best coaching team possible.

stoa-nitcStoa NITC is OPEN

Saturday, May 17 – Sunday, May 18
Christian Life Academy at the Cornerstone Church in Escondido

The Stoa league announced NITOC at San Marcos University. Visit for registration. Space is limited, so when you know your qualification, get registered.

Main contact for Stoa NITC: Chris Jeub

nitc-ncfcaNCFCA NITC is OPEN

Friday, June 6 – Saturday, June 7
Blue Ridge Baptist Church, Purcellville, VA

Registration is now fully open for NCFCA NITC. Visit for registration. Space is limited, so when you know your qualification, get registered.

Main contact for NCFCA NITC: Isaiah McPeak


The benefits of NITC are incredible…

  • NEW! Coaching from the top two coaching organizations in the homeschool leagues.
  • Pre-camp community “NITC Society” discussions with qualifiers from all over the country.
  • Top-secret exchange of information like flows and evidence.
  • New cases and briefs drawn up by champion debaters and coaches.
  • Participation in writing the final sourcebook of the year, together with authors of bestsellers Blue and Red Books (they’re your coaches!).
  • One-on-one coaching from Training Minds and Ethos coaching staffs.
  • Coaching from champion alumni who have tasted success.
  • Ultra-advanced sessions specifically designed to prepare you for Nationals.
  • Drills and lessons the weekend before the tournament.
  • Scrimmage with other national qualifiers from outside your region or state.
  • Final night kickoff party…Along with awards to the most valuable contributors to conclude the weekend.
  • Opportunity to seek 100% deductible donations for your tuition (see here)
  • Some NITC coaches will remain throughout nationals to coach students as they move through competition.

Value of NITC

Here’s the question most parents ask: “How much will NITC benefit my competitors?” The results speak for themselves. We publish success throughout the year, and since the creation of this special camp for Nationals we’ve had extremely impressive results. Overall, it is safe to claim that half of NITC attendees will break to outrounds at nationals (even though we consist of 15-20% of the number of students). You will be satisfied: NITC debaters consistently outperform their counterparts. Click these articles for specifics:

Your Coaches

We will access both coaching pools from Training Minds and Ethos Debate as demand rises. The coaches for NITC will grow as registrants grow. There will be at least a 10:1 ratio of Training Minds coaches. One added benefit of NITC is that coaches abroad may attend FOR FREE with their students. So ultimately, there are plenty of coaches in the room!


Cost of the camp is $170 and includes the following:

  • Complete participation in all curriculum and coaching.
  • Access to all case and brief construction (known as the “final installment” of Blue Book and Red Book). NOTE: If you would like Monument Publishing to print this for you, it will cost an extra $30.
  • Conference hall attendance on the property of the NITC.
  • At least one of the meals will be provided during the camp (lunch on the first full day) as part of the cost of camp.

Besides tuition, expect the following additional costs: meals (besides the one meal we’ll be providing), lodging, and printing of the final installments.


Although I have been to multiple training minds camps, NITC was by far the most helpful for me as a more advanced debater. The training leading up to NITOC helped me be more prepared and allowed me to debate at my full potential. Thanks to NITC, I went into NITOC feeling confident and prepared, and was able to have the most fun and rewarding tournament of the year. I strongly encourage everyone who qualifies to nationals to consider NITC. It will make you more prepared, fluent, and confident, just like it did for me.

—Matthew Erickson, Colorado
1st Place NITOC Champion Lincoln-Douglas 2012

The difficult circumstance every competitor faces in approaching Nationals is that they usually come in a little rusty, not having competed for a month or so. NITC is what lubricates and eliminates the rust. Not only does is it offer a time for practice and feedback from amazing coaches, NITC provides lectures on advanced strategies that prepare competitors to focus and take their upcoming rounds by the horns.

—Luis Garcia, California
Apologetics Title Winner 2011

The great thing about NITC is that the camp does not end after the 2 days. The coaches are still present to guide you and help coach you throughout the tournament. Overall, the contacts formed with both the coaches and the competitors proved critically important at the National Tournament.

– Jon Bateman, Illinois
1st Place Debater at NITOC 2011

Aaron Dykstra at NITOCCamp provides an environment conducive to learning and exploring new ideas and strategies. If you attend a camp, prepare to have your eyes opened to see holes in your debate cases and those of others like you never saw before. The catalyst camp provides to any debate competition is most definitely a valuable thing, worth your time and money.

Aaron Dykstra, California
9th Place Lincoln-Douglas Debater
National Invitational Tournament of Champions 2013

It has been fun and VERY productive working with ALL of the NITC debaters this year. Esther and I have been working hard, but we know that without the help of the Blue Book coaches and the NITC debaters who put in countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears helping us out, that we would not be where we are today. I have been to nationals three straight years in a row, but the level of chemistry and support I have received both in pre-nationals prep as well as the inter-tournament spirit of encouragement, prayers, and conversations were UNMATCHED this year with NITC! I can honestly say, at least on Esther’s and my behalf, that any and all success we experience is a direct result of the investments Training Minds and NITC have made in us. Thank you ALL again and happy hunting for those still in the race.

Nicolas Townes & Esther Townes
NCFCA Nationals Semi-Finalists 2009
3rd Place in the Nation

NITC helped me take that final step beyond what I could do personally. I had learned, researched, and practiced, but I was able to go deeper and apply it thanks to NITC. Additionally, the resources in the final Red Book were incredibly valuable. Attending NITC should be extra motivation to qualify to nationals!

Kaitlin Nelson
4th Place Lincoln-Douglas Speaker at Nationals
7th Place LDer in the Nation

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Seeing Is Believing

Here are some pictures of past NITOCs. If you’ve been competing for a while, you’ll recognize a lot of champions! You can be one of them, too:


Feel free to email Chris Jeub, the president of Training Minds Ministry, to field any questions you have. NITC is a great way to prepare for your national tournament, and all the coaches want to make it happen for you. Email Coach Jeub here.