NITOC Intensive 2013

Forty-six students and about a dozen parent-coaches assembled at a campground 15 minutes from Siloam Springs, the homeplace of the National Invitational Tournament of Champions. Of these students, we came home with several great success stories including 1st Place LD Speaker, bottom seed taking out the top two in the first two rounds, and numerous title awards. NITC in 2013 was a raving success! Here’s what debaters said about it…

NITC helps put you on track to do your very best at Nationals. Top coaches, Nationals level practice rounds and networking with top competitors combine to create an event with spectacular value and excellent results.

 Jack De Vight, Washington

I’ve attended NITC for two years and its the best part of my National experience! Not only did my partner and I get ahead of the game on research, coaching, and practice, but also on friendships! It was great to go into nationals knowing some people before hand.

Chesley Rowlett, Indiana

Camp provides an environment conducive to learning and exploring new ideas and strategies. If you attend a camp, prepare to have your eyes opened to see holes in your debate cases and those of others like you never saw before. The catalyst camp provides to any debate competition is most definitely a valuable thing, worth your time and money.

Aaron Dykstra, California

I couldn’t have survived my first NITOC without NITC and this year was just as helpful. NITC allows you to gather your thoughts and discuss nationals. You go into NITOC feeling completely prepared and lacking in rust. Plus you learn a lot.

Lauren Butler, Colorado

I am a novice and I was very nervous about NITOC. I felt overwhelmed and had no idea how to prep, and then there was NITC. As soon as the sign up had closed we were given assignments, which gave me something to do. To make it even better I got to debate two rounds(against great debaters) at the camp, which helped to get out some of the NO WAY THIS IS NITOC jitters. The first round of NITOC was actually my 3rd round. I have no idea what I would have done without NITC, it was an amazing experience and gave me some awesome coaches who cheered me on the entire tournament. God willing, I will defiantly return next year and would recommend that all of my friends do too! Thank you Training Minds for being absolutely wonderful!!

Lexi Stefani, California

NITC was a great way to get my head in the game before nationals started. I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone who takes nationals preparation seriously.     

Elizabeth Jacobs, Montana

Going into NITOC 2013, I was definitely nervous for the challenge ahead of me. But then I learned of NITC—the amazing coaching, feedback, and debate drills (including the wonderful atmosphere of it all) made me feel completely ready and equipped! Everyone at Training Minds is so nice and welcoming, and I can’t wait to come back next year.    

Taryn Murphy, California

The two debate rounds you get to do at NITC alone are worth the entire camp. The impact of those two rounds is tremendously positive upon being able to jump straight into rounds without any rusty edges on the first day of nationals. Add the discussion about arguments that are circulating around the nation you might not have been prepared for, and having a coach personally review your case and it makes NITC well worth the time and cost!    

Emily Erickson, Colorado