Oklahoma 2013 Camp


Camp was fun! Travis Herche served these fantastic team-policy debaters, most of whom are members of Andrew Pudewa’s debate club in Locust Grove, Oka. Chris Jeub also attended, administrating the 3-day camp and helping out where he could. Check out the feedback and pictures of this wonderful mini-camp:

Camp was great! From start to finish Coach Travis had an energetic feel about him that just made you want to learn and kept you focused. So much was covered in that short time, but he made sure everyone was on the same page and not confused before moving onto the next category. I obtained an unbelievable amount of knowledge! All-in-all, Coaches Travis and Jeub were awesome, and Training Minds’ camp was a huge success!

—Hunter Robinson

I loved how Coach Herche used some of his personal experiences to teach us lessons. I really liked how it was as if he was having a conversation with us, rather than just lecturing us.

—Ellie Pudewa