Orlando Debate Camp 2012

Five days of training on the shore of beautiful Lake Yale.

I had a wonderful time at camp! I learned so much and I feel prepared for the upcoming debate season. I also established friendships that will most likely last a lifetime. I will always look back on this camp with fondness and I hope I will be able to attend next year. Thank you so much!

Rachel Carleton, Florida

Training Minds Camp has been an absolute blast – I’ve relearned debate, made lots of friends, and experienced the impact of these new tools for myself. If there’s anything I would have done differently, I would have come to a Training Minds camp sooner! The unique perpectives of the teachers and the incredible knowledge and experience of the coaches make for an outstanding group of individuals who really do train champions. I am truly excited to see what the upcoming season brings as I charge forward with newfound confidence.

Hannah Vecseri, Texas 

Awesome week! In the novice class I learned so much! Can’t wait to go back next year as an advanced student. The coaches were perfect for the material covered, they each had a unique personality that complemented their skills. Beautiful facility, and awesome fellow campers. Can’t wait for next fall!   

Brent Vastbinder, Florida

It was my first year. I was nervous and all that, but I had a great time! I had an awesome time hanging out with friends, meeting new people, learning more about debate.  It was a great experience.

JW Reilly, Florida

What makes Training Minds unique is that they don’t teach you WHAT to think, they teach you HOW to think. Because of this, I’m confident that I will not only be able to use the information taught at camp throughout the season, but also implement the skills I learned to become a better thinker and speaker. Training minds adequately prepared my mind for action.

Morgan Hatfield, Florida