Red Book Camp (Lincoln Douglas) 2008

Red Book Outdoor TalkRed Book Camp (Lincoln-Douglas)

I wanted to inform you that your camp had even better results than you think. Last summer, my son, Christian, and I flew to California from Miami, Florida, along with Nick Aquart and his mother, Leslie. We are in the same club. This was Christian’s first year competing in debate. He had no previous experience in debate. Your camp was wonderful. At Regionals for Region 8, Christian made it to octafinals, placed 11th and was the 1st place LD Speaker. He was the youngest competitor to break. Nick Aquart made it to quarter-finals and was the 2nd place LD speaker.

Maury Fernandez, Florida

Lincoln-Douglas debate camp was amazing!! As one of the alumni from a previous TM camp, I had a general idea of what to expect, but this year surpassed my greatest expectations. All the work the coaches put into this camp, the friendly atmosphere, and the all the people I met made for an awesome experience that will have a huge impact on my debating career. My deepest thanks to all the coaches who made this year’s camp so awesome…you guys are the best!!

Ruth Ptak, Washington

This was my first year to go to camp. I had been in Lincoln-Douglas debate for one year before that. In my club, I was the only LD-er, so I didn’t have a very good grasp on the whole value debate thing. this camp totally changed my view and made me a much better debater.

Iain Furstenwerth, Texas

When I came to Red Book camp this year, I had no previous debate experience whatsoever. I had never even watched a debate round! LD camp gave me an intensive introductory to debate and fired me up for competition this year.

Melody Fausett, New Mexico

I was really excited for the CO TMM camp this year and I heard so many wonderful things about it. My expectations were beated when I, myself, experienced the intense six days of learning. The coaches were wonderful, motivated speakers and gave great feedback for all. I look forward to next year!

Brittney Deoliveira, Florida

Red Book camp was an amazing experience! I learned so much that I know will help me during the debate season. Mrs. Anderson and Coach Cody are great coaches and I enjoyed listening to their helpful lectures. I was very grateful I had the opportunity to attend Red Book camp because all of the knowledge that I gained will help me throughout the year as well as in my everyday life. Plus, I made great friends! I will definately be coming back next year!

Ashlyn Olson, California

At first we were hesitant about spending the money to go to California for a debate camp. This is not just a debate camp! The knowledge imparted is tremendous!! I was thoroughly impressed with the instruction given by the coaches. The methods used to involve the debators in discussion were highly beneficial and stimulating. The debators, I believe came out with a thorough understanding of how they want each of their cases to run. This is what happened for my son, and I am grateful that there is a resource like this made available to us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Leslie Aquart, Florida