Training Minds Camp at Regent University, Virginia Beach


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Registration Closes June 30

Join us at Regent Univeristy in beautiful Virginia Beach, Virginia, where speakers and debaters will meet for an awesome week of forensics training. Here are the details:

  • Camp: Speech & Debate Camp, our complete program and coaching team
  • Dates: July 23-27, 2013
  • 1 day of Limited-Preps, Interps and Platforms
  • 4 days of Team-Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  • All leagues are welcome, but NCFCA resolutions will be utilized for practice

What You’ll Learn

Last year's East Coast Camp was in Orlando.

Last year’s East Coast Camp was in Orlando.

With 12 years of history to back up the claim, Training Minds alumni are some of the most successful speakers and debaters in country. You will be trained by top-notch coaches – several former national champions themselves – to help make your 2013-2014 competitive season your best ever. You’ll learn:

  • How to cut and block literary pieces with the flair needed for champion success.
  • How to write platform speeches that will place you consistently in final rounds.
  • How to speak with the right balance of ethos, pathos and logos.
  • How to argue and defend value debate topics with a grounded philosophical framework.
  • How to promote sound policy topics for the upcoming year, and get a rundown for your specific league’s policy topic.
  • How to master the intense theory surrounding champion debate competitiveness.

There is much, much more you’ll learn at Training Minds Camp, too much to list here. Bottom line: If you are serious about your upcoming competitive success, Training Minds Camp is the place you’ll want to be in July.

RegentLogo_300x93Where & When

Regent University is ideally located on the southern east coast of Virginia, just 16 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The University sits on 70 acres of immaculately maintained grounds that complement the Georgian architecture of its buildings which are historic in design yet incorporate the latest educational technology. Our goal is to make your stay as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Speech and Debate are aggressive activities that demand an incredible amount of brain work. Mixing this “brainy” activity with the oceanside atmosphere at Regent strikes a perfect balance between fun and excellence, relaxation and drivenness, beauty and academia.

The schedule for Training Minds Camp is intense, so come with computer/notepad ready to learn. There is some recreation fit into the schedule, but this is geared primarily toward speech and debate competition. A detailed schedule will be sent to campers the week before the camp, but the following is a rough schedule:

Tuesday, July 23
2:00 pm – Check-in
3:00 pm – Speech program starts. Dinner served to all registrants.
9:30 pm – Retire to dorms or hotels.

Wednesday, July 24
9:00 am – Speech program resumes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served to all registrants.
6:30 pm – Debate program begins (Team-Policy and Lincoln-Douglas).
9:30 pm – Retire to dorms or hotels.

Thursday, July 25
9:00 am – Debate program resumes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served to all registrants.
9:00 pm – Retire to dorms or hotels.

Friday, July 26
9:00 am – Debate program resumes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served to all registrants.
9:00 pm – Retire to dorms or hotels.

Saturday, July 27
9:00 am – Debate program resumes. Breakfast is served to all registrants.
12:00 noon – Camp ends.

Your Experienced Coaches

A signature of our camp: coached rounds by expert coaches.

A signature of our camp: coached rounds by expert coaches.

Training Minds Ministry has been around for 12 years, and we’ve pulled together some of the best coaches in the country. Visit our coaches page to explore their bios, expertise and history. You’ll be impressed!

May we show you a bit of our hand? There are some secrets to the success that makes Training Minds Camp a head above the rest. Consider:

  • We have an exclusive partnership with Monument Publishing, publisher of the best-selling curriculum for speech and debate.
  • We hire many of the authors of this curriculum, those who write the sourcebook material, and they’re ready and willing to make the best learning experience for you.
  • Bring your hometown coach with you, and they’ll get trained too! We hope entire clubs with their coaches come for a week of club development through Training Minds.
  • We don’t just lecture; we engage the students. We merge debate rounds and extemp/apologetics practice into the week for students to be coached on the spot.
  • Our coaches remain advocates for your success throughout the year, willing to help as help may be given. We believe in you!

As you can see, Training Minds campers are personally coached for success.

Alumni often end up champions.

Alumni often end up champions.

Training for Action

We train for action (1 Peter 1:13). Though the program is easy to love, it is purpose-driven and aggressive. We are training you to excel in competition because we know that your excellence ultimately makes you trainers of the world. We’ve got high hopes for you!

The record of Training Minds speaks for itself. You can almost count on it: Our campers end up in tournament out-rounds. (Keep up to date with our Success Page.) We’ve hosted students from all over the country, and year after year they return home to shake up their tournaments and intensify the competition. We are quite proud of our alumni!

But Training Minds is out to make you better people. We strive to instill in every competitor a sense of purpose. You are a child of God who has a calling specifically for you. The competitive environment is training grounds for participation in a larger story. To us, this is most exciting, and we’re in this for your long-term success.


We’re super excited about our venue at Regent University. We have been able to keep our stay on the beautiful campus to a minimum. Here’s a breakdown of costs…

  • Student Tuition: $500
    Includes tuition, lunch & dinner during camp.
  • Coaches Tuition: $300
    Includes tuition, lunch & dinner during camp.
  • Room & Board: $100
    Includes dorm lodging on campus + breakfasts.
  • Lodging upgrades and resources are also available.

We fear the camp will sell out quickly, so make your plans and get registered!

Registration Page

Registration Closes June 30