Texas Camp 2014

Our largest camp of the year took place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in July. We had 74 students from seven different states join us for speech and debate preparation. I’m sure we’ll see many of these folks at Nationals!

Texas Camp 2014

Training Minds Camp, July 2014

Training Minds Camp gave me the opportunity to begin a familiarity with what this year could look like according to the resolution. I am now able to “recognize” my case options and am excited to “observe” what ideas people will come up with for cases for electronic surveillance year!

Austin Pistor, Texas

I have been competing in speech and debate for several years, and this was the first year that I ever attended a Training Minds camp. As the coaches lectured and taught, a lot of concepts finally clicked.

Caleb LaQuey, TX

Training Minds camp was an amazing opportunity to grow my skills in a competitive forensics setting. All of the coaches did an excellent job equipping us for the competition season ahead. I feel like I can go head to head with top debate teams because of the unique quality of instruction I received at camp.

Mark Csoros, TX

Training Minds coming to Texas was an answer to prayer for many parents. We hope to see you back in Texas again and again!

Debi Chapman, Texas

I felt like this camp helped me so much! Would diffidently recommend this camp for anyone who takes their speech and debate career seriously.

Emily Jensen, Texas

Training Minds Camp taught me everything I needed to know to kick-off a wonderful speech and debate season. This is the most prepared I’ve ever felt going into the new year and I am positive it will be a great one!

Kendall Jarboe, Texas

As a Lincoln-Douglas parent coach of two years with two NITOCs under my belt, I attended the Training Minds Camp to improve my coaching skills. The teaching from Travis Herche was solid gold! His teaching de-mystified the art of putting together a rock-solid case. He showed us the fine art of cross-examination and topped it off with a generous helping of strategy. Beyond the technical art of speech and debate, he challenged us to greater godly character. I am excited to enter this debate year feeling much more confident in my abilities to coach our students to the next level.

Chris Lisanti, Texas

As newbies to the world of speech and debate, we feel much more confident about the upcoming year. We’re excited!

Trish Youmans, AR

I did learn a lot, and I’m definitely looking forward to applying some of the things I learned last week to this next competition year.

Gloria Gatchel, TX

It was very nice, I loved it and I learned a whole lot of what to do and what not to do.

Danielle Gatchel, TX

It was a good camp. I learned a lot from it, especially in debate, and I am not quite as nervous to do debate. I now look forward to debate.

Christina Gatchel, TX

This camp taught me a lot more about debate than I thought I would, being a fourth-year debater. Travis Herche’s lectures on LD were superb. They taught and encouraged me to debate at a much higher level than I currently have. If you’re a novice debater, attend this camp, especially if you’re in LD. It will provide a great foundation for your debate career. If you’re advanced, come to this camp ready to take your game to a whole new level.  Travis also concluded with a very convicting message about winning, character, and life in general that every debater, if not every person, should hear. Overall, this camp has set me up for a fantastic senior year and equipped me with the teaching to become a truly advanced debater.

Samuel Lisanti, Texas