Estes Park 2011

Training Minds Camp

Estes Park, Colorado

Training Minds Camp 2011

Extemp training at Training Minds taught me techniques that I use in every speech. My week at the camp was incredibly valuable–whether it was a practice round or a full day of briefing, I can honestly say that the coaches and staff made my stay welcoming, fun, and definitely very, very useful!

—Maheema Hague, Colorado

Training Minds Ministry is really awesome. You learn so much without ever even realizing it, because you are having way too much fun. These are really great people that have helped and encouraged me to be the best I can be, and I can’t wait to come back next year. No matter who you are, or what you want to do with your life, TMM can help you get there, and excel.

—Brian Pederson, Colorado

Before I went to Training Minds Camp I didn’t think I could speak smoothly, make good arguments, understand how to write a interp, or understand debate. Training Minds Camp changed all of that. I am confident in speech and debate now because of this camp and I look forward to future camps.

—Mickey Sheahan, California
12-year-old novice

I really enjoyed my experience at the Training Minds Camp. It was a wonderful learning experience. I feel very prepared for the upcoming speech and debate season, and can’t wait to get started. Sign me up for next for next year’s camp!

—Hannah David, Kansas

Debate camp challenged my mind in new ways and gave me many new ideas as a coach to implement with my debaters. In addition, I left with inspiration to take on a new year.

—Melissa Zitter, Kansas

[Camp] was a very good experience. I learned a lot, and had a good time. I’m sure that the implementation what I learned at Training Minds Camp will be a great influence for the better in my speech and debate career.

—Caleb Harmon, Illinois

Coming into this debate season I was a little bit unsure of how the resolution would work. Since I do not have much experience in Lincoln-Douglas Debate I did not know how I was going to be able to comprehend the resolution. However, Training Minds Camp guided me through this year’s complex resolution. I am now confident to take on tournaments. Thank you so much for the great learning experience!

—Lauren Edmonson, Utah

Training Minds Camp helped me learn alot about speech and debate. I am glad I went and cannot wait for the season to begin!

—Hannah Gudeman, Illinois

I had so much fun at Training Minds Camp!! I learned so much and the coaches were AMAZING! All of the coaches were open to questions and willing to help students who were lost. This is an amazing program which has left me more excited for this year’s competitions then I was before.

—Lauren Butler, Colorado

I loved that the coaches didn’t just stand up on the stage and tell us what to do. They not only asked us if we had questions, but were able to have one-on-one time with us kids.

—Grace Bryce, Utah
12-year-old novice

For three years of speech and debate, I was unable to find motivation or understand how debate works. I didn’t have fun doing the speeches or working on debate. Then came Training Minds Camp. It was like a light bulb went on for me. “So that’s how LD works!” “Oh…extemp seems kinda cool!” Everything suddenly made sense. Thank you Training Minds Ministry!

—Caroline Sheahan, California

Helping train mindsI had a great experience with Training Minds Camp. All the coaches helped me so much. I loved it, and I hope to come again.

—Grant Garcia, California
12-year-old novice

Training Minds Camp surpassed our expectations. The quality of the teachers/coaches combined with their passion for the topic made each session very impactful. Everyone was very approachable and willing to answer questions. The content spurred us on and challenged our mindset. This will be a MUCH better year now that we have a jump start thanks to the the team at Training Minds Ministry.

—Michael DeLon, Arkansas

You can’t help but be touched by the heart of this ministry. To assist our children — ALL of our children! not just the superstars — to be sound thinkers and winsome speakers who seek to glorify God is something every parent desires (or should). Speech and debate training, steeped in a heart for the Lord Jesus Christ, is a powerful tool to get there, and that is what we’ve found through Training Minds Ministry. There was so much packed into this camp!

—Jane DeGisi, Kansas

I’m so glad that God led my family to come to Training Minds Camp! It was set in a wonderful location with speakers that were entertaining, encouraging, instructive, and moving. I was especially encouraged and convicted by Luis Garcia’s apologetics class. I came to your camp with pretty much no knowledge of Extemp, Apologetics, or Lincoln-Douglas debate. I came out of your camp with enough knowledge to be ready to tackle these difficult subjects. God bless you in your endeavors to prepare for action the Christian mind!

—Talia DeGisi, Kansas

Training Minds Camp was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Not only was it a blast, but I also learned a lot! It has really helped to prepare me for this season of debate. I would love to come back next year! Thanks for all the insight the coaches gave me! I appreciate the coaches giving of their time.

—Nicholas Schmidt, Kansas

Training Minds Camp was an amazing experience, a solid week of practically nonstop learning! The coaches and teachers were all excellent, and the classes were small enough for everyone to get attention. I feel like a have a grasp on all the different subjects, and with some preparation this semester, I’ll be ready to compete. And then, of course, Estes Park is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for a great week!

—Meghan McKinley, Colorado

It would be tough to say which speaker or class was my favorite, because I learned great stuff in every lecture that I attended. Kaitlin was straight-forward, organized and patient with us beginners. Travis was able to demonstrate what he was teaching to such a degree that there was no doubt what he was trying to teach and communicate. A big thanks to Shane for going the extra mile and giving one of the best lectures there on Impromptu — after hours, even. Cody’s enthusiasm added a great energy and had so many interesting examples to his new ideas. Miss Maggie bent over backwards to help us with our complex travel arrangements. Her lectures were all very concise with do-able new info. I giant thank you to you all!

—Andrea Werder, Florida

Fun, friends, learning and TLC in one gorgeous package! Terrific experience — thanks to all the coaches for going above and beyond!

—Becky Kinder, Colorado

Training Minds Camp totally revolutionized the way I think about debate. I don’t think my cases will never be the same again. Thanks to all the coaches and staff; you guys are awesome! This camp was worth every penny I paid for it!

—Thomas Gray, Arkansas

From the day I arrived to the day I left, the camp and the coaches were 100% perfect. The way everything was set up was so nice and easy. I learned so much in that short time I was there. Before I went on the trip I felt very nervous about this coming year, but after I left I felt completely confident about it. I highly recommend going to Training Minds Camp…I was upset when I was leaving not because I was leaving the beautiful mountains or the wonderful weather, I was disapointed that the debate part was over. I learned so much and I’m eager to learn more.

—Michelle Robinson, Oklahoma